Have you ever played any of the Just Dance games before? They are so much fun! If you want a game to play that the whole family can be involved in and get up on your feet, this game is it! Recently I had the chance to review the new Just Dance 2015

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With the cold winter months coming up and it getting dark so early, it can be hard for our family to stay active. We have a lot of busy school nights with after school activities that don’t leave a whole lot of time for us to go out and play before it is dark. These games are such a great way to get in some exercise for all of us without leaving the living room! I am always amazed by how out of breath I am by the end of a few songs. It is so much fun, it really doesn’t feel like exercise at all, but the kids and I are getting a great workout in disguise!

When we first received the game I started reading off some of the songs on the new game to my kids. Every day until we played it, my daughter kept asking to dance to the Frozen song, “Let it Go”. I think I was most excited to try out the dance for the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Seriously that is just about the most upbeat song that is popular right now and you really can’t help to sing and dance along. My son wanted to play “What Does the Fox Say”. 

When first putting the game on it shares a message saying you can connect a microphone to sing along with the game. This is definitely something we will have to look into for my daughter since she loves to sing so much! You set up your user profile, choose an avatar and tell the game your age and gender. 

Choose avatar for dancer on Just Dance 2015 Choose details for creating dancer on Just Dance 2015

You can then set up profiles for anyone else that will be playing. I set up a profile for each member of our family right away.

We then got ready to dance. The menu is really easy to navigate. You simply click on the arrow with your trigger on your move controller until you find the song you want. If you hover over the song with your move remote, you can hear a preview of the song. This helps my kids, both the reader and non-reader. My son doesn’t really know the names of the songs, even though he can read, and my daughter (she is 4) can choose songs this way as well.

Choosing a song on Just Dance 2015

After you choose your song, it is time to dance! You just have to let loose and have fun! We have played these games at parties with our friends and had such a great time!

Here we are dancing to “Happy”.

Playing Just Dance 2015 with the kids

The kids danced to “What Does the Fox Say?”.

What does the Fox say - Just Dance 2015

My sweet girl and I danced to “Let it Go”. We couldn’t get big brother to join in on this one! 

Dancing to Let it Go - Just Dance 2015

The new features for Just Dance 2015 are the Just Dance Wall and the World Dance Floor. The wall lets you connect with friends and tells you all about Just Dance events. The World Dance Floor has special guests such as famous artists and others appear in your dance session. How fun!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month As a mom of school age kids, I love that Just Dance 2015 has paired up with Stomp Out Bullying. They are working hard to spread the message to people everywhere that “it’s okay to dance to your own beat!” This game with the new songs and wacky choreography definitely encourages kids and teens to let loose and be themselves.

Just Dance 2015 would make the perfect Christmas gift. It is a fun activity for the whole family! You can purchase the game on Amazon

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I had no idea that these games were getting on the stop bullying campaign! That’s fantastic! They have a great platform to spread their message, and hopefully it works.

    • I know! I think it is fantastic. I really enjoyed these games before but now I think they are even more great. And if you ever have played on, you know you do really have to just let loose and be yourself. They are definitely not as fun if you are too embarrassed to really try to dance!

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