I am getting really excited for Easter this year. We have been so busy installing our new floors on the weekends we haven’t had much time to do anything fun with the kids. This year I want to be sure we have an amazing, unforgettable Easter egg hunt!

How to Throw an Unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt

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One of the best parts of any holiday is anticipating it arriving. My kids will ask me daily (or sometimes more than once per day) how many days until Easter (or Christmas, or their birthdays). We try to do some sort of countdown for any major holiday. The kids get to participate in counting down the days, and I can avoid the same question of “how many days until Easter?” over and over again!

Personal Creations sent me this amazing Easter countdown board with magnets.

Easter Countdown Board & Magnets

I love that it is personalized with our last name. It is a metal board with a vinyl overlay so you can add magnets to it.

Personalized Easter countdown board with magnets and Easter cutie plush jar from Personal Creations

It comes with three adorable chick magnets. (Ha!)

Magnets for personalized Easter magnet countdown board

I thought it would be fun for the kids to get a small treat of a couple of jelly beans each morning when we move the magnet – similar to our chocolate advent calendars we had for Christmas. To display the treats I got this Easter cutie plush jar.

Easter Cutie Plush Treat JarI chose the bunny, but there are four other cute little critters to choose from. Since this jar was going to be for everyone in the family, I had it personalized to simply say “treats”. I love that the little bunny ears can bend.

Easter Cutie Plush Treat Jar - Easter Bunny - Personal Creations

You can purchase the jar with or without candy. Here you can see how cute it is all filled up!

Personalized Easter cutie plush jar filled with treats

With all the construction going on in our home, we don’t have much in the way of decorations this year. But, I always decorate our front table. This was the perfect place to put the countdown board and treat jar so the kids can easily see it.

Easter display with personalized Easter countdown magnet board - Laura's Crafty Life

Now that I had the kids super excited about Easter and all the fun we are going to have, I wanted to create a Easter egg scavenger hunt for them to try to find their Easter baskets. My kids are getting a little older so hiding eggs around the house or yard seems a little too easy for them now.

I created a printable for the scavenger hunt. I have a main poem to print out to tell the kids what to expect. I pinned this to the countdown board with one of the magnets for the day of Easter.

Pin Easter scavenger hunt clues to magnet board

Then, I cut out the clues that I printed out and added them to the plastic Easter eggs. Since my son can read and my daughter cannot, I thought it would be fun for them to do the hunt together. The first clue was left at the countdown board and the rest of the clues will lead them all around the house and into the back yard.

Cut out printable clues for Easter egg scavenger hunt Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt clues

I plan to hide the Easter baskets in the shed. On the printable I left the location of the hidden baskets blank so you can fill it in to fit your house.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt printable

Download: Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
(for personal use only)

I think the kids baskets are my favorite part this year! I didn’t want anything too cutesy or baby-ish since they are 5 and 8. I found these cool waves Easter totes.

Cool Waves Easter Tote

They are so bright and fun! And I was able to have them personalized with each of my kids names on them. These totes are so great! I was actually surprised by how big they are. They will work perfect for the kids to store things in their rooms after Easter is over.

Cool Waves Easter Tote - blue Cool Waves Easter Tote - pink

If your kids are too little to do a scavenger hunt, I have a couple of other ideas to make your Easter egg hunt one they won’t forget. Be sure to have a basket or bag for them to collect their eggs. Even something as simply as a cute cellophane bag would work great! If you have a mix of older and younger children, I suggest giving each child their own color egg to hunt for. This way you can be sure no one gets left out and all the kids get the same number of eggs.

I purchased packs of plastic eggs. My daughter will get the orange and pink ones and my son will get the blue and green ones.

Use separate color(s) of plastic eggs for each child participating in Easter egg hunt

Note: I suggest not using real eggs unless you plan to write down the location of each egg. We have had years we have forgotten where a couple eggs were hidden. Luckily they were the plastic ones and we didn’t have to worry about any stinky situations.

Do you do an Easter egg hunt each year? What traditions do you do to make it special?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that countdown is so cute! My boys would love something like that. Those personalized baskets are so fun too. I always slack off when it comes to the Easter egg hunt. Thank you for sharing your tips for having a good one.

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