For my son’s LEGO Batman party, I created action bubble word signs to hang up all around our backyard as decorations. Even though these are not specific to LEGO Batman, they remind me of the action words that would pop up on the old Batman cartoons.Superhero Action Bubble Signs made with Cricut This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy here.

I got my inspiration for the signs from Southern Belles Charm

Souther Belles Charm

I knew I could easily make these easily with my Cricut and a little bit of time.

Supplies needed:

I started by cutting the black cardstock using the creative feature “shadow” key for each shape. Then, I cut the shape in the same size in either red, blue or yellow cardstock (this time without using the shadow feature). This gave a black outline around each solid colored shape. I glued the two pieces together.

The letters were cut in black cardstock using the Cricut. I glued on the letters, overlapping and altering the placement of the letters.

Red Smack Action Bubble

Plop Action Word Sign

For the above shapes, I used the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge. 

Plantin Schoolbook Cover
It is the ‘blast’ shape. I made the shapes various sizes ranging from 5 – 6″.
Plantin Schoolbook Blast Shape
For the font, I used the Doodletype cartridge.
Doodletype Cover
For the other shapes, I used the Accent Essentials cartridge. I used the ‘Accnt9s’ shape. I used the Plantin SchoolBook font for this sign.
Accent Essentials Shape
Bam Action Bubble Sign
Ideas for action words:
  • bam 
  • bang 
  • bonk 
  • boom 
  • crash 
  • crunch 
  • kapow 
  • ooof 
  • plop 
  • pow 
  • smack 
  • smash 
  • splatt 
  • thwack 
  • whack 
  • wham 
  • zap  

Note: Don’t have a die-cutting machine? You could make these by cutting them out free-hand and using rub-on letters or stickers for the words. 

Super Hero Action Bubble Signs

The best part about this project? Project cost: FREE! – I had all the paper and cartridges already on hand. 

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