Earlier this year I created a tutorial on how to cut planner stickers with your Cricut Explore. I had a lot of requests for how to create a weekend banner sticker for your planner. 

How to create weekend banner planner stickers with Cricut Explore

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Supplies needed:

Start by opening Cricut Design Space. Create a new file. Click on insert images. Insert a banner shape. I chose the one from the Bits and Pieces cartridge (#MFB138).

Add banner shape

Cricut Design Space File: Weekend Banner Planner Stickers

Copy and paste the banner shape.

Copy and paste banner shape

Click on one banner shape. Go to edit and rotate it 25°. Click on the other banner shape and rotate it to -25°. Line up the two shapes so the top edges align in the middle.

Align the banner pieces

Choose a banner shape and click on ungroup to separate the banner shapes from one another. Repeat with the other banner shape, so all the banner pieces are separate. Select each pink piece and click on weld. Click on both teal pieces and click weld. Move the teal piece to the back.

Weld banner pieces together

Add text to spell out the word ‘WEEKEND’. Change the color to white. Ungroup the letters. Arrange each of the letters on the banner pieces.

Arrange the letters on each of the banner pieces

Click on insert shape and add a heart. Change the color to white, make it smaller, and position it on the last banner piece. Select all the letters and the heart and click on the weld to attach them together.

Weld letters together for banner

Choose each image and change it from cut to print then cut (the little printer icon).

Select the print then cut option for each welded image

At this point, you can change the color of your banner to any color you want. Choose select all and click on attach. Go to edit and change the size of your banner to fit in your planner. For the Erin Condren vertical planner you will change the width to 3.125″. 

Change the size of the banner shape to fit in your planner

Copy and paste as many banner shapes as you want. You can make them all the same color or make each one a different color.

Copy and paste banners to fill the space

Note: Be sure that before you click Go you select all and then attach all the banners together. This will make sure they stay on the mat where you positioned them.

Weekend Banner Planner Stickers

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