With March quickly coming to a close, the first quarter of the year is almost over. You can make new goals and review your progress any time of the year, but I think each new quarter is a natural time to see how you are doing and what you need to change. It is also a great time to re-evaluate your goals and make some concrete steps for the next several months. One thing that has been helping me stay on track this year is the free printable habit tracker I created.

Free Printable Habit Tracker

I talked a little bit about my word of the year for 2016 earlier in January. My word is “do”. I often find that, personally, I get stuck in the planning and figuring things out stages. Then, I often don’t know how to begin or I get stuck in fear.

So, this year I created goals for myself to work on in four major areas of my life:

  1. Self
  2. Family and marriage
  3. Work
  4. Home

For each area, I thought about what I wanted my life to look like one year from now and what I would need to do to get there. I have been focusing on one new habit a month for each of the four areas. It isn’t too overwhelming and if I don’t feel like I made good progress, I repeat that habit for another month.

I am not looking for perfection. If I have a day or two that I mess up or don’t do exactly what I wanted to do, I am trying really hard to just chalk it up as life and move on to get back on track the next day. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to give up really easily if I get off track – why bother if I can’t do it exactly right? So instead, I have been focusing on progress, not perfection. If my goal is to drink more water every day, and I reach that goal 25 out of the 30 days of one month, that is 25 more days than if I had not been working towards that goal.

Habit tracker

Click to download: Habit Tracker

This download is for personal use only. Do not share the direct link to the .pdf/.jpg file. Please link back to the original post when sharing.

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I have been keeping the previous month’s goal on my worksheet so that I can continue to track it for a few months until it feels like second nature to me.

What habits and goals do you need to work on for the next few months?

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3 Comments on Habit Tracker

  1. Thank you for this post! Such a cute way to track everything, and stay motivated! Sometimes it’s easier for me to have everything kept in an app, but it’s easier to feel goal oriented if everything is written down! A good app that I have used along with a tracker (for sleep habits) is The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor. It’s an incredibly thin strap that lays across your bed, and while you sleep it monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion. Then, you just tap on your sleep score in the free app and you can get a full account of the factors that make up your score. I highly recommend this. Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll make a cute little chart like this for the info in my Sleep Tracker app, that way I can make sure to stay on top of it!

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