Felt Christmas Tree Kid’s Activity. Take this adorable little Christmas tree with you to keep your child busy. They can decorate their tree again and again!

I hope you don’t think it is too early to start sharing some Christmas projects. I want to be sure you have enough time to complete these projects before the holidays so you can relax and enjoy time spent with your family. And don’t think I have forgotten about the ‘Organize Your Holiday’ series. I have a post coming up Thursday that will include a printable calendar and some other helpful hints to get organized.

Felt Christmas Tree Activity for Kids - Laura's Crafty Life

Today, I am sharing how to create a felt Christmas tree kid’s activity. This is perfect to take anywhere because it is quiet and all self-contained. Your child will love decorating his/her own tree over and over again! This is one of those projects that it helps to hoard your scraps. Except for the tree and the background, all the ornaments were created with felt scraps, and ribbon and trim scraps.

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Felt Christmas Tree Kid’s Activity

Supplies needed:

Cut Christmas Tree

To start with, cut out a pine tree shape with the green felt. I found a Christmas tree coloring page image online to use as my template. I pinned it to the felt and cut around the outline.

Cut out a Christmas tree out of felt

Pin pattern to felt

Note: I found a pack of 8 pre-cut felt trees at Jo Ann’s after I completed this project. These would be perfect for a crafting play date or fun activity to do at a holiday party with children. 

Tree cut out from felt

I used the star that was part of the coloring page to use as a template to cut out a little yellow star for my tree.

Create Ornaments

Then, we get to move on to the fun part – creating ornaments! I had so much fun with this.

Note: I have lots of felt scraps leftover from other projects, but you can find it at any craft store for usually around $0.30 per sheet of 9″ x 12″. I also found this great pack of so many colors of felt on Amazon.

I had some special felt that had gold glitter dots on it that was perfect for creating ornaments that didn’t need any other embellishment. I used two different sizes of buttons to use as a template for my circle shaped ornaments.

Use button and a circle template to cut felt

To embellish the other ornaments, I went through my ribbon scraps and hot glued pieces of ribbon and trim onto the circles.

To create the colored light strand, I started by tying a knot at the end of some white and gold twine. I cut out a little “light bulb” template out of paper and used that as a guide to cut my different colored bulbs. I hot glued them on to the twine.

Create a felt light strand for felt Christmas tree

Since felt sticks to felt you don’t need to do anything further for your child to be able to decorate his/her tree. I wanted to be able to roll the whole thing up and slip it in my purse or a bag for when we are on the go. I laid everything out on a full-size sheet of red felt that had the glitter dots on it.

Felt Christmas Tree Activity for Kids - Laura's Crafty Life

Then, I simply rolled it up. I hot glued ribbon on the end and the outer part of the roll so that I could tie it together.

Hot glue ribbon to rolled up felt to keep everything inside secure

Felt Christmas Tree kid's activity - take it with you!

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