It is almost Father’s Day and today I am sharing how to create this beautiful Father’s Day hexagon frame gift. You could easily personalize this project to say any name you want, so it would be great for an uncle or grandpa, too! The Cricut faux leather is a dream to work with and cuts beautifully with the Cricut machine.

Faux leather Father's Day frame made with Cricut Explore Air 2

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Father’s Day Hexagon Frame

Supplies needed:

Open a new project and click on Insert Shapes. Add a square and size it to your frame. Mine is 8″ x 10″.

Cricut Design Space - add rectangle

Click Insert Shapes. Choose a hexagon shape. Resize it to 2″ tall under the edit tab.

Cricut Design Space - add hexagon

Copy and Paste 4 copies of the hexagon. Line them up vertically. To align them perfectly, click on each hexagon, and then click Align. Choose Center Horizontally. Then, choose Distribute Vertically. On the Layers tab click Attach.

Cricut Design Space - align hexagons

While you have the four hexagons selected, choose Copy and Paste. Click Detach. Copy and paste one more hexagon. Then align them so they are evenly spaced and lined up like the first four hexagons.

Cricut Design Space - add five more hexagons

Select both rows of hexagons and attach them together. Copy and paste them two times. Line them up on the rectangle.

Cricut Design Space - copy and paste hexagons

Click on each attached set and detach them. Delete the last row of hexagons. Now you will have all your hexagons lined up and separate.

Cricut Design Space - delete row of hexagons

Change the color of the hexagons to match the colors of wood grain faux leather in any pattern you would like.

Cricut Design Space - faux leather hexagons

Note: All of the above steps helped me visualize my design to make sure I liked the placement as well as to be sure I had enough hexagons to fit my frame. You can easily add the number of hexagons that will fit your rectangle and simply cut out as many as you would need of each color.

Click Add Text. Type the word, DAD. Under the edit tab, change the font to Bebas. Change the color to match one of the other wood grain faux leather colors. I chose the lightest one.

Cricut Design Space - add text to design

Cricut Design Space File: Father’s Day Decorative Art

Click the green circle Go button. If the mats all look correct (there should be 5 mats shown to cut out each color of the faux leather, and one mat to cut out a plain white cardstock background rectangle), click the rectangle green Go button. Load your faux leather on your Standard Grip mat, load the mat into the machine using the double-sided arrow, then click the Cricut button to start cutting.

Cut out faux leather with Cricut Explore

Repeat this process for all of the faux leather hexagons. Be sure to reset the Smart Set Dial to Cardstock before loading and cutting your paper layer.

Cut out faux leather hexagons with Cricut Explore

To assemble the frame, use double sided adhesive to attach the hexagons to the white cardstock in the pattern you created.

Attach hexagons to white cardstock background

Turn the cardstock over and trim any excess faux leather that is sticking out over the sides. Place the hexagon sheet inside your frame.

Cut off excess leather with X-Acto knife

Trimmed hexagon frame background

Use foam adhesive dots to attach the letters DAD to the outside of the glass.

Use foam adhesive dots to attach letters to frame

I love the way the faux leather looks. It has so much texture!

Faux leather texture

This is the perfect gift to give to the special dad in your life this Father’s Day.

Hexagon Father's Day frame


Father's Day hexagon wall hanging

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