I love all things, Harry Potter, as many of you know. I was excited that my partner for the Cricut ornament exchange, Stephanie, is also a Harry Potter lover. An Expecto Patronum ornament seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Harry.

Expecto Patronum Harry Potter Ornament made with Cricut


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Expecto Patronum Ornament

To start with I created a design in Cricut Design Space. I started by making a 4″ circle to use as a template for my ornament to be certain everything would fit correctly. Then, I added a deer and the words Expecto Patronum using the Cricut Font – Reaper BT Standard Roman. I created a rectangle around my text and attached it so that it would be easier to weed the vinyl.

Expecto Patronum Ornament

Cricut Design Space File: Expecto Patronum Ornament

Helpful tip: To resize this project to fit a different size ornament, simply uncheck the eye next to the circle so that you can see it. Select all. Then resize the circle to the same size as your ornament.

When cutting out the glitter vinyl, set the Smart Set Dial to custom and then choose Glitter Vinyl from the drop-down menu. For the stag deer set the Smart Set Dial to Poster Board.

Select Glitter Vinyl from drop down menu

Cut out both the glitter vinyl and poster board using the Cricut Explore machine.

Cut out stag from metallic posterboard

To adhere the glitter vinyl to the ornament, start by weeding out the excess vinyl. This is where the weeding box I created around the text comes in handy. The BrightPad makes it really easy to see all the cut lines on the vinyl.

Use BrightPad to weed glitter vinyl

Use transfer tape and your scraper tool to transfer the vinyl from the paper backing to the transfer tape.

Use scraper tool to apply transfer tape

Helpful tip: Use the strong grip transfer tape that comes with your roll of glitter vinyl. The regular transfer tape doesn’t work as well on the glitter vinyl.

Place the transfer tape with the letters on the front of the ornament and carefully peel back the transfer tape.

Use transfer tape to place vinyl on ornament

For the stag, poke a hole in the top part of the back. Tie a piece of clear fishing line onto the deer.

Poke a hole in the posterboard

Gently place the stag inside the ornament by carefully bending it a little. Be sure you don’t actually crease the posterboard while inserting it.

Place stag down inside ornament

Tie the other end of the fishing line around the ornament top.

Loop fishing line around ornament top

Loop on a pretty glitter ribbon to the top of the ornament.

Loop glitter ribbon around ornament top

I hope Stephanie likes the ornament as much as I do! It turned out just as I imagined with the silvery platinum poster board looking a little like a wisp of smoke like the Patronus does in the book.

Expecto Patronum glitter vinyl ornament

Expecto Patronum Ornament

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    • Janet,
      I was thinking about that, but I wasn’t sure how well it would actually show up if I used clear acetate or something similar. I think I could have added a gray vinyl to the back side of the ornament as well for the stag and that would look pretty cool, too!

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