For the past week or two, I started receiving Christmas and holiday cards in the mail. This is just one more reason I love this time of year – all the happy mail! I thought I would share with you a quick, easy project for you to be able to display all those beautiful cards. This is how I have displayed my cards in my home for years.

Christmas Card Ribbon Display

Ribbon Card Display at Laura's Crafty Life

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Supplies needed:

supplies needed for ribbon card display

You can buy an eyelet kit at your local craft store. It comes with plenty of eyelets and the setting tool for right around $5.00. You can get it very inexpensively if you use a coupon.

Eyelet grommet kit with toolCut your ribbon to the length you need.

cut ribbon

Cut a ‘v’ shape at the end of your ribbon. My ribbon does not fray, but if you choose a ribbon that frays, just take a flame from a candle or lighter and hold it near the edge of your ribbon. This will seal the edge without burning it. You can also dab a little fray check on the edges, as well.

Fold the top edge of the ribbon over.

fold top edge of ribbon over

Attach your eyelet or grommet using your tool and the instructions provided. Each tool works a little differently, but I will show you how mine works so you can get an idea.

how to use eyelet tool

Steps 1 and 2: Use a protective mat underneath your ribbon and tool. For mine, you use one end to punch a hole through the ribbon.Place the tool over the middle of the folded over section of ribbon. Tap the tool with a hammer until it goes through both layers of ribbon.

Step 3: Place the eyelet through the hole. Carefully turn the ribbon over while holding the eyelet in place. Use the other end of the tool to set the eyelet by tapping it with the hammer.

Steps 4 and 5: Use the other end of the tool to set the eyelet by tapping it with the hammer.

Now your ribbon looks finished and is ready to hang with all of your beautiful cards! I have 3 or 4 of these ribbon displays up by the end of the season with my cards displayed on them.

Christmas Card Display

Easy Ribbon Card Display

How do you display cards in your home?

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