Easter Egg Wreath. Learn how to make this colorful rainbow Easter egg wreath using only a few simple supplies. The rainbow wreath comes together in just minutes.

It has been really warm here this past week and starting to feel like spring. I wanted something bright and fun on our front door. This Easter egg wreath is easy to make and comes together in minutes.

Learn how to make this colorful Easter egg wreath

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Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial


I started by wrapping my wire wreath form with the green burlap. I secured it with hot glue at the beginning and the end.

Start by using hot glue to secure burlap

I found it worked best to glue the burlap to itself rather than trying to glue the burlap to the wire wreath.

Wrap wire wreath with burlap

Burlap wrapped wire wreath

I pulled eggs out of my package for each color to arrange them in rainbow order. I ended up using four of each color of Easter eggs.

Plastic Easter eggs in rainbow order

I found these large bags of 48 eggs for $1.98 each at Walmart – Pastel Easter Eggs and Bright Easter Eggs.

Plastic Easter eggs from Walmart

Then, I simply started gluing the eggs on. I used hot glue on the little hinge part of the egg where the two pieces meet and started gluing them on the wreath.

Add hot glue to back of plastic Easter egg

I continued until I had all the eggs in place.

Bright and colorful Easter egg wreath

This is a simple project anyone can do. I love that the eggs are in rainbow order, but you can easily glue the eggs on the wreath in any pattern you want or randomly. Doing them in rainbow order does require a little more planning to get everything to fit on the wreath just right and be spaced out fairly evenly.

I love the way this wreath looks on my colorful front door.

Easter egg wreath on front door

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