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For the last two years I have attended Snap. The first year I went, in 2014, I was introduced to DohVinci. We were sent home with a deluxe styler tool that included a multi-tip styler. You can use the styler to easily make lines, plus four other shapes – star, flower, heart or butterfly. It was an instant hit with my kids

When I attended Snap this year, I was so pleased to connect with DohVinci again! This time we were sent home with a super fun door decor kit. My daughter claimed this from my suitcase as soon as I arrived home and got straight to work.

Decorating DohVinci Door Decor Kit - Laura's Crafty Life

This kit comes complete with a star to decorate, a styler, ribbon, 4 Deco Pop tubes, add-on pieces and an inspiration guide.

What is included in the DohVinci Door Decor Kit

The star requires a small bit of assembly, but it is really quite easy to do.

Assemble DohVinci Door Decor Kit

If you have never seen or played with DohVinci before, it is basically Play-doh that can be easily extruded to create 3D designs on many surfaces, such as paper, wood, cardboard, and glass. And the great thing is while you are creating if you make a mistake, you simply wipe it off and start again.

My daughter and I worked on this door decor kit together. It was a fun project that we were able to work on over several days. 

Decorated DohVinci Door Decor Kit

DohVinci Door Decor Kit - Laura's Crafty Life

We have purchased more of the Deco Pop sets so we have almost every color of the rainbow. My daughter makes projects all the time with deluxe styler, like this decorated cardboard jewelry box.

Decorated jewelry box with DohVinci Color Mixer

DohVinci offered to let us try out the new Color Mixer. When I explained to my son how it worked he was super excited to try it out. The Color Mixer includes a wheel that allows you to refill or mix any Deco Pop tube with different colors. It includes three Deco Pops, one empty tube, a styler, plus a Pop-up art project.

DohVinci Color Mixer - Laura's Crafty Life

What is included in the DohVinci Color Mixer

We immediately opened it up and started mixing (after a little bit of assembly). 

DohVinci Color Mixer

We started with the empty tube and added a little bit of all the colors we had.

Empty DohVinci Deco Pop tube

You can use different techniques to fill the tube to create different effects for when you extrude the Play-doh. 

Using the DohVinci Color Mixer to create new Deco Pop Tube

DohVinci Color Mixer - mixed Deco Pop tube

You can refill any of your tubes, so we of course started mixing colors in all of our tubes that were less than half full. It was easy enough even my 5-year-old daughter can do it.

DohVinci Color Mixer - easy enough for a five year old

Once my son had created his mixed colors, he got to work on his art project that came with the kit. 

Decorating DohVinci Color Mixer pop-up art

It turned out really great. I love the black and white swirled together!

DohVinci Color Mixer Pop-up Art - Laura's Crafty Life

We store all our DohVinci supplies in a zipper bag I have left over from purchasing a decorative rug for my son’s room. It works perfectly to keep it all together. And now that we have the color mixer, we make sure to hang on to our empty tubes to create new colors. 

DohVinci storage

DohVinci is a great summer boredom buster for the kids. And to be honest, I love to play with it too! Each kit we have purchased has come with its own styler, so the kids and I can all create at the same time. I am looking forward to using the free printables available on the DohVinci website with the kids.

Learn more about DohVinci:

Website | YouTube

P.S. You can purchase DohVinci at Amazon, Hasbro Toy Shop, Target, and Walmart.

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