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Remember a couple of weeks ago I shared my craft supply shopping trip to Consumer Crafts? Now, I get to show you what I made with the supplies I purchased! I created some DIY marquee letters to decorate for the holidays. First, I had to choose a word. Some of the ideas I had were – joy, peace, family, cheer, and Christmas. I settled on the word, ‘peace’. 

How to Make Your Own DIY Marquee Letters

DIY Marquee Letters

Supplies needed:

Supplies for DIY Marquee Letters from Consumer Crafts

Step One: You will start by removing the back side of each of the paper mache letters. Carefully cut close to the edge with your craft knife.

Cut back off paper mache letter with X-ACTO knife Paper mache letter cut apart

Step Two: Paint the front edge with your gold paint.

Paint paper mache letter with Spun Gold paint

I did two light coats. Since acrylic paint dries so quickly, I was able to add the second coat right away after I painted each of the five letters.

Paper mache letter painted with Spun Gold

Step Three: Cover the sides of each letter with gold glitter tape. You will start by adding one layer of tape.

Wrap edge of paper mache letter with gold glitter tape

Next, you will add a second piece of tape directly next the first piece. The second piece will have excess hanging over the back of the letter. Wrap it around the letter to create a finished edge. You may have to add a little craft glue to keep the tape down in spots on the back.

Wrap around bare edge of paper mache letter with excess glitter tape Finished edge of paper mache letter

Optional: You could easily skip the glitter tape and simply paint the entire letter, including the sides, gold. You could also add glue to the sides and cover the edges with gold glitter.

Step Four: Add your light bulb strand. Decide where you want each light to go. My strand of lights had 50 bulbs. Since I had five letters, this meant each letter could have ten light bulbs each. I marked where I wanted each light and cut a small ‘X’ with my X-ACTO knife. 

Mark placement for light bulbs on letters, then cut an X with X-ACTO knife

Then, I pushed my craft poker tool through the ‘X’ to create a hole. (You could also use a pencil for this step.)

Poke hole through paper mache letter

Push each of the bulbs through hole you made from the back side of the letter towards the front.

Back side of DIY Marquee Letters

Since you will end up pushing some of the cardboard towards the front, you need to flatten it out again. I found the edge of my craft knife worked well for this step. 

Push card board back through using X-ACTO knife

Tip: Plan out where you want your letters to connect. There was not enough strand between the bottom of the letter P and the bottom of the letter E, so I had to connect them towards the top. The strand was long enough to skip a hole and work my way back if needed to get all ten bulbs in each letter.

The little globe lights were perfect since marquee letters usually have round bulbs. Plus, having a brown strand blended in well with the gold letters.

Peace DIY Marquee Lights - Laura's Crafty Life How to make DIY Marquee Letters How to create Lighted DIY Marquee Letters DIY Marquee Letters - laurascraftylife Peace DIY Marquee Letters Make your own marquee letters using supplies from Consumer Crafts Lighted Up DIY Marquee Letters

Be sure to check out the Consumer Craft’s holiday catalog for some holiday craft inspiration! 

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12 Comments on DIY Marquee Letters

  1. The very first thing I would want to make is personalized stickers for my kiddos to decorate their binders, lockers, and instrument cases, and then so much more!

  2. I like them but not sure I would make them I am more in to the vinyl wall art… it would also be fun to make homemade Christmas cards. I love how the cricut explorer can cut and write at the same time.

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