My daughter is obsessed with fairy gardens. Every time we go camping she creates a new little fairy village out of things she finds in the woods. I thought it would be fun to create a little fairy garden at home. Today, I am going to show you how to create a DIY fairy garden house from an unfinished birdhouse.

DIY Fairy Garden House - Create your own fairy garden house easily from an unfinished birdhouse. Perfect for your fairy garden.

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DIY Fairy Garden House

First of all, I started with an unfinished birdhouse I found at Michaels. They have a good selection of these at most craft stores, and they are not too expensive. I even found one that looked like a little log cabin!

Unfinished bird house

Since this was supposed to be a house for fairies and not birds, I used my Dremel Micro tool to cut off the little perch on the front of the birdhouse. I used sandpaper to smooth it a bit. I didn’t worry about making it completely flush with the front of the house since I was going to be covering it with stones.

Trim off bird perch from birdhouse

Next, I painted the entire house using acrylic craft paints. I used a light airy green for the roof and a dark brown for the base of the house.

Paint the birdhouse

My daughter really wanted to choose the colors for the door, so I let her pick and she helped me paint the wooden embellishment.

Paint details on fancy wood circle

I glued a small fairy wreath I found around the painted floral wood piece, and this made our door. I glued it to the birdhouse on the back.

Items to make door for fairy garden house

Door for fairy garden house

Note: The little opening for the birdhouse is now in the back. I am still trying to figure out if I want to cover it or leave it open. I may add something to cover it, so we don’t get a fairy house filled with spiders!

Next, I glued small rocks I found at Dollar Tree all around the house. There was no rhyme or reason to where the stones were placed. My main goal was to have as few gaps as possible between stones.

Glue stones on to fairy garden house

Helpful Tip: For most projects like this, I would normally use a hot glue gun. But since this little house will sit outside in the elements, as well as be near plants that need to be watered, I wanted to use a stronger glue. I chose Aleene’s Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive. It is both fast drying and waterproof and it works on a variety of surfaces.

The house turned out so cute! It is the perfect little hideaway for all the fairies in our garden.

DIY Fairy Garden House - create a fairy garden house from a birdhouse

How to Create a Fairy Garden

To create the actual fairy garden, I started with a large pot. I added some soil to the bottom and then placed a smaller plastic pot upside down inside the larger one. This makes the pot less heavy and allowed me to use less dirt to fill it.

Place empty pot upside down in larger pot to take up room

I filled the pot with garden soil and adding some pretty fall flowers I found at Home Depot towards the back side of the pot around the edges.

Getting ready to plant fairy garden

Beautiful fall mum

I placed the house in the pot and added a stone path out the front door. The blue pebble “river” was added off to the side of the house. To finish it off I added some succulents around the front.

Fairy Garden House in large planter

I didn’t want to fill every square inch of the pot, as I know my plants will grow, and also I wanted to leave some room for my daughter to add some of her own creations to our garden.

Roof of fairy garden house

This was such a fun and easy project. And I am able to get a little more time out of my garden before winter hits.

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