Do you ever have those little projects on your list forever, and then when you finally go to do them, they only take you a short amount of time to complete? This project was definitely that kind of project! 

This project to create DIY etched oil bottles is straightforward and simple but adds that little extra touch to make them special. I have had inexpensive oil bottles in my kitchen forever. You can tell them apart by the color of the oil, but I always wanted to add lettering to show which kind of oil was which. (This distracted mommy can use all the help she can get!)

DIY Etched Oil Bottles

DIY Etched Oil Bottles {Laura's Crafty Life}

Supplies needed (contains affiliate links):

Step One: Using your Cricut, cut out the words you want. I cut out the words ‘olive’ and ‘vegetable’. I use Cricut craft room to make it easy to design and cut. Be sure to pay attention to the height of your letters so they are not too big. 

cut vinyl for etched oil bottles with Cricut words cut in vinyl

Step Two: Clean your oil bottle well with soap and water. Use rubbing alcohol to further clean the surface to be certain you don’t have any oils or adhesives on your glass.

clean glass with alcohol

Step Three: Cut out the strip of letters you cut with your Cricut in step one. You will be using the negative space instead of the actual cut letters for this project. You can save the letters for another project if you want. Be sure to weed out the small spaces for your letters and add them to the glass (for example, the little circle that makes up the middle of the letter ‘o’). 

use negative of vinyl on glass bottle

Be sure to really press down the vinyl onto the glass. You don’t want any etching cream to get underneath the vinyl or your finished project will look messy!

Step Four: Apply a thick layer of etching cream and allow to sit for the recommended amount of time listed on the bottle.

brush on Martha Stewart etching cream in thick layer

Step Five: Rinse off the etching cream. Remove the vinyl.

rinse of etching cream and peel off vinyl

Enjoy your new, fancy oil bottles! This would make a great gift if you made a homemade infused specialty oil and labeled the bottle. 

Etched Oil Bottles at Laura's Crafty Life close up of DIY etched oil bottles DIY Etched Oil Bottles via {Laura's Crafty Life}

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