Last week I shared how I organize my kids’ papers throughout the school year, as well as at the end of the year. However, if you have young kids you know often times at home, in pre-school and even as far as into 1st grade they come home with large works of art that cannot be stored in a letter-sized file folder.

DIY Art Portfolio - make this large art storage system for only a few dollars

Today, I am going to share with you how to create a DIY art portfolio you can use to store large papers in. It will hold papers up to about 20 inches by 24 inches.

Supplies needed:

Duck Tape Rainbow

A standard size poster board is 22 x 28 inches. Start by cutting four inches off the longest side using an X-Acto knife. It helps to have a cutting mat and clear ruler, but any large, straight edge will work. The final sheet will be 22 x 24 inches.

Trim poster board to correct size

Then, cut the second piece of posterboard so the final size is 20 x 24 inches. Cut four inches off the longest side and two inches off the top.

Place the larger poster board on the table. Cut off a strip of patterned Duck tape slightly longer than one of the shorter sides. Place it on the posterboard so half of the Duck tape is hanging off the edge.

Add a strip of Duck Tape to one edge of posterboard

Flip the large poster board over and place the smaller sheet on top. Line up the edges along the bottom. Fold the tape over, securing the two pieces of posterboard together.

Fold Duck Tape over to front side to attach poster board pieces together

Trim off any excess tape on either end.

Trim excess Duck Tape with scissors

Repeat this process on the opposite side and then on the top and bottom, until all four edges are covered with DUck Tape. This will secure the two pieces of poster board together essentially creating a large envelope or pocket. 

Using your X-Acto knife, carefully cut the Duck tape along the top edge of the shorter piece of posterboard.

Use X-Acto knife to cut Duck Tape

You only want to create a cut in the tape itself and not all the way through to the second piece of posterboard. This will allow the pocket to open completely.

Trimmed Duck Tape

Using a scoring blade, carefully score along the edge of where the two pieces of posterboard meet. Fold the top edge over.

Score along edge of poster board

To keep your art portfolio secure, measure to the middle of the poster board (12 inches) and mark a dot above and below the strip of Duck tape along the top folded edge. Add a brad to the bottom mark. On the top mark, knot a piece of twine around the brad before securing it in place.

Tie twine around brad


Now you can wrap the twine from the top brad around the bottom brad and back again to keep the folded edge closed.

Add brads to close portofolio

Closure for art portfolio - use brads and twine

This DIY art portfolio is perfect for storing children’s art, but would also work well for an art student in middle school or high school as well. There are so many patterns and colors of both Duck tape and poster board now that you can customize the look of your portfolio easily. 

DIY Kids Art Portfolio

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