For my daughter’s Disney princess party I knew I wanted to make some tutu bags for favors that looked like the different princesses. I have seen these floating around the web and knew they would be easy to replicate. My version does require a small bit of sewing. I had to make some of the bags because I could not find the right colors in my craft stores I have here locally. Disney Princess tutu favor bag tutorial - Laura's Crafty Life

First, I will show you how to easily create a bag easily out of felt. I chose felt because the edges don’t fray and felt is fairly durable. Also, the small sheets of felt were the perfect size, I had many colors to choose from, and they are very inexpensive (under $0.50 per sheet). 

Supplies to make tutu bags

How to Sew a Felt Bag

Start by cutting the felt 6 1/2″ wide.

Cut felt sheet to 6.5 inches wide

Trim the remaining piece of felt leftover to be 1/2″ wide.

Cut two strips of felt to .75 inch wide

Pin to the top of the bag and sew the handle on either side to the bag.

Pin straps to bag felt

Sew straps on either side of bag

Completed sewn strap

Fold the bag in half with the sewn part of the handles facing out, and sew up each side.  

Pin sides of bag together

Sew either side of bag

Trim the corners (being careful not to snip your stitches) and turn the bag right side out! See? Easy peasy!

Snip corners of bag

Completed felt bag to make princess tutu bags

Decorate Princess Tutu Bags

Now, for the fun part – decorating the bags. I saved images of all the princesses to my phone before I went to the craft store. I purchased tulle to match the main part of each princesses dress. I also choose a coordinating ribbon or trim for each tutu bag. Most of the trim I purchased by the yard since it is so much less expensive. I didn’t need full rolls of trim to go around a 6 1/2″ bag.

Tulle for tutu bags

Trim for tutu bags

To create the tutu portion of the bag, I folded the length of tulle over in thirds and pinned it to stay in place.

Fold and pin tulle

I sewed a basting stitch through the top edge. 

Use sewing machine to baste tulle

Note: A basting stitch is simply sewing on your machine (or by hand) with a large stitch length. Do not back stitch at the beginning or end of your fabric.

Then I trimmed the folded bottom edge so that it was actually 6 layers of tulle for each tutu.

Use scissors to trim folded edge of tulle

Gather the fabric. You do this by holding the top stitch and pulling on the bottom stitch, or vice versa.

Gather tulle to create ruffle

Gathered tulle for tutu bag

I pinned the gathered tulle around the top edge of the bag.

Pin tulle to bag

I sewed the tulle to each bag. 

Sew gathered tulle to bag

I didn’t want to switch out the thread for each trim that needed to be attached to the bags, so I used white thread for attaching all of the tulle. All the tulle edges were covered by trim so this was fine!

I used my hot glue gun to attach the trim. Start by placing a layer of foil on the inside of the bag. Then, hot glue the trim over the top edge of your ruffled tulle. I added hot glue to the trim one small section at a time. I used a popsicle stick to hold down the trim while it cooled so I didn’t burn my fingers. Then, I would move onto the next section until it was glued the entire way around. Overlap the trim a little when getting to the end. You can fold it over a little to make a more finished edge.

Hot glue trim onto tutu bagsThe first bag I did, I did not add the foil inside the bag. I ended up hot gluing  the insides of the bag together because the bags are somewhat thin. I did this to the first bag I made. Sorry Snow White!

Damage from heat from hot glue gun

Fill your favor bag with goodies and they are ready for the party. For our treat bags, I added a princess fruit snack, small notebook, pencil, lollipop, and  glow stick. 

Disney Princess goodie bag

They looked so cute all lined up! 

Disney Princess tutu bag tutorial - Laura's Crafty Life


Elsa princess tutu bag tutorial


Anna princess tutu bag tutorial


Ariel princess tutu bag tutorial


Belle princess tutu bag tutorial


Rapunzel princess tutu bag tutorial


Tiana princess tutu bag tutorial

Snow White:

Snow White princess tutu bag tutorial

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Sleeping Beauty (or Aurora) princess tutu bag tutorial


Cinderell princess tutu bag tutorial

Disney Princess tutu bags tutorial - Laura's Crafty Life

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    • I did sew the tulle all the way around the entire bag, but I think you could easily just do the front! Also, for most of the ribbon and trims I simply hot glued them over the sewn edge of the tulle! Hope that helps.

  1. I am making these bags for my daughter’s princess party! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Would you happen to remember where you got the gold/black ribbon for Anna? I am having trouble finding something similar and yours seems so perfect for her! Thanks again.

    • Susie,
      I purchased all the ribbon for the bags from JoAnns in the area where they sell the ribbon by the yard. I looked online but I think since it is a by the yard ribbon you would only be able to get it in store. I hope that helps! I would love to see your bags when you are done. Feel free to share pictures in our Creative Community!

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