I like to have between three and five party games or activities for the kids to do during our birthday parties. It keeps the kids entertained and I get some cute party themed photos! (I am always sure to allow some time for the kids to free play and not have to do any organized activities.)

For my daughter’s Disney Princess party, I wanted to stick with the party theme, but do activities that would be age appropriate for the little kids as well as the ones that are older.

Pin the tail on the donkey type games are one of our favorites. We do this one at almost every party. Since our party included all of the Disney princesses, I chose to do this in a Princess and the Frog theme.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog

I found an image of Prince Naveen online. I added some text using Photoshop and had it printed as a 16 x 20 inch poster at Sam’s Club. (This costs under $6.00.)

Pin the Kiss on the Frog Game

To ‘laminate’ the poster, I covered both sides with clear contact paper {affiliate link}. This works great for larger prints or on regular size paper if you don’t have a laminating machine at home.

laminated pin the kiss on the frog game playing pin the kiss on the frog game

I then created a print-out of a bunch of kisses! I printed this on sticker paper I received from World Label. I cut out each kiss and at the party I wrote each child’s name on his or her own kiss.

Kisses for Game

Download Kisses for Game

Frozen Freeze Dance

The next game we played was freeze dance. I thought this was appropriate since we had just seen the movie Frozen a few weeks before.

I found an image of Elsa, the ice queen, online. I edited the original photo in Photoshop to remove the text already on the picture. I added the word ‘freeze’ using the snowflake letters font.

Freeze dance Elsa game

I had this printed at Office Max on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. We listened to music from the Frozen{affiliate link} soundtrack (as well as other Disney songs). Each time I stopped the music, I also held up the sign. I thought this might make it a little easier for the smaller kids to know what to do!

dancing to freeze dance game Frozen Freeze Dance


I purchased a Tangled Pinata {affiliate link} from Amazon.

Tangled Rapunzel pinataIt always amazes me how much candy it takes to fill even a quarter of a piñata! Be sure to buy more than you think you will need. I purchased clear cellophane princess bags at Dollar Tree. Before we started, I wrote each child’s name on his/her bag with a Sharpie and handed them out.

Disney princess pinata

Note: Be sure to practice safety and explain the rules before starting the  piñata game. Everyone has to stand back and not rush forward until a grown up says so. We don’t want any little ones getting hit in the head with a bat. (Sadly, this happened to my son at his own birthday party.)

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Laura Silva

6 Comments on Disney Princess Party Games

  1. Such a cute theme and games. Now if I could convince my daughter to have a princess party that would be great, however I fear she’d rather have a super hero theme. But that’s ok with these Ideas I could easily change these games to suit.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Kiss the Frog is such a cute game. I have tried to do as you mentioned above but it keeps telling me the quality is not good enough to be printed at Costco and Walmart. I can only find 2 standing up Naveen’s. Do you remember what website you found him on? TIA!

    • I found the link to the picture image here: https://the-mystery-case-files.wikia.com/wiki/Prince_Naveen (as mentioned in the post). If you click on the image in the post it will pull up a new box and then you can click a link that says “see full size image”. If you save the full size image it should be okay to print at a larger size. However, I will mention that I have started to run into trouble printing these kinds of images for copyright reasons and have started to simply print them at home for these kinds of projects.

  3. LOve love love these ideas. I’ve been looking for a kiss the frog game and your idea is perfect for my theme! Is there anyway you could email me your copy with the words? I’m not tech savy nor do I have photoshop. Thanks so much in advance!

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