Welcome to day 4 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series!

Today’s task is to clean your blinds.

I have faux wood blinds. If you have wood or faux wood blinds, you can remove the blinds from the window, lay them out on the ground (either inside or outside) and spray them down with your favorite wood cleaner and wipe them clean. You can also just vacuum your blinds.

Neither of these methods works particularly well for me. This is one reason I really dread this task. The best way I have found to clean my type of blinds is to wipe each individual blade. I use a solution of water, a few drops of  dish soap and a splash of vinegar in a standard size bucket. I use my microfiber cloth and squeeze as much of the soapy water solution out as I can so it is barely damp. It takes some extra time, but this seems to clean them the most thoroughly.

For traditional blinds that are made of plastic: Take them off the window and then either place them outside on your driveway or in the bathtub. Spray them off and scrub them as needed with a soft bristle brush.

Tomorrow and Saturday we will be cleaning the windows inside and out. I clean each window from start to finish before moving onto the next window, so I am sharing what is coming up with you if you want to clean that way as well!

Day 5: Wash the Windows and Windowsills Inside
Day 6: Wash the Windows and Screens Outside

To clean my windows, I think it is easiest to take the curtains down first. While they are washing and drying, I clean the blinds, wash the window inside and then clean it outside in one room before moving on to another room.

Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed or you don’t have much time to devote to this task today, just focus on the dirtiest or most used rooms in your home.

See you back here tomorrow for day 5 of 31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home.

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