Day 3: Wash Curtains. Get your home in tip-top shape in just 31 days. Today’s task is to wash all the curtains in your home. Get your windows sparkling!

Welcome to day 3 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series!

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Wash Curtains

Today’s task is to wash your curtains.

For the next few days, we will be working on getting our windows sparkling clean. These cobwebs were hiding behind the bathroom curtain.

Dirty curtains with cobwebs

Remove your curtains from the windows and wash them in your washing machine according to the care instructions on each drapery. Typically, this will be the gentle cycle with cold water and a low temp dry cycle.

** Important! Set your timer once you start your dryer. Sometimes if you pull them out of the dryer right when they finish you can avoid ironing. (Yeah!) If they are too wrinkled, you will want to iron them before hanging them back up. If you hate ironing like I do, you can also steam your curtains once they are hung back up. I love to use my HomeRight SteamMachine for this.

If your curtains are dry clean only, then send them off to the dry cleaners.

While you have your curtains down, be sure to wipe off the top of the window molding and any curtain rod hardware on the wall. These can get very dusty and are not often seen.

We are going to be working on our windows for the next 4 days! You can do each task on a specific day I write about it like we have been doing or you can clean an entire window at one time. I prefer to clean my windows this way – one at a time. To help you get a head start, I am sharing ahead of time what we will be doing for the next few days. I will continue posting the details of these tasks on their respective days.

Day 4: Clean Blinds
Day 5: Wash the Windows and Windowsills Inside
Day 6: Wash the Windows and Screens Outside

I find it is easiest to take the curtains down first. While they are washing and drying, I clean the blinds, wash the window inside and then clean it outside in one room before moving on to the next room.

Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed or you don’t have much time to devote to this task today, just focus on the dirtiest or most used rooms in your home.

31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home

See you back here tomorrow for day 4 of 31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home.
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