Welcome to day 28 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series!

Today’s task is to spot clean walls.

Just like yesterday’s task of cleaning the doors, we are going to use a cloth to wipe down our walls where ever you see a spot or mark. You can use warm, soapy water or your favorite all-purpose cleaner. Be sure to test a small, inconspicuous spot to be sure you won’t be removing too much paint off the walls. Magic erasers work great for getting crayons and even sharpie off the walls!

Below is a picture of my wall after scrubbing. The two big spots are actual scuff marks and will have to be touched up with paint.

This is the second part to today’s task. Touch up any paint in areas where it is needed.

Tip: After painting walls, store some paint in a small glass jar. Baby food jars work great for this, but any glass jar will do. (You can keep your jars from pickles, mustard, etc., wash them out, and use them for storage.) Label the jar with the room the paint was for. It is easy to shake up these small jars and use a small brush to touch up any scuff marks as you see them!

If your walls are really dirty or you have too many rooms to get to, just choose the dirtiest or most room used in your home to make the biggest impact.

See you back here tomorrow for day 29 of 31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home.

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