Welcome to day 26 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series!

Today’s task is to clean your doorknobs and light switches.

Get a bucket of hot, soapy water and a cloth or sponge. Start with the outside doors and work your way in, washing off each door handle and knob in your house. As you go through each room, also wipe down all the light switches.

If anyone has been sick in your house, this is a great time to disinfect as well. You can see yesterday’s post on cleaning the trash cans for different methods to disinfect hard surfaces. Seventh Generation has some great wipes you can use for this task. This is a great chore to enlist help from the kids on.

Tip: Disinfect door knobs, light switches, phones and remotes at least once per week during cold and flu season to cut down on the amount of germs you are bringing into your home. Doing this and being vigilant about hand washing can really cut down on the amount of sickness your family experiences!

See you back here tomorrow for day 27 of 31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home.

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