Welcome to Day 20 of ‘31 Days of Homemaking Printables‘ series.

The next section we will work on filling is our ‘events and planning section‘. This is the section where you will place all the information for planning holidays, birthdays and any other special events. The great thing about having a place for this information all in one place is you can add to it each year. You will know what you did the year before and have that information at your fingertips!

The first printable is a party planning checklist. I have shared this before but I have updated it to match our current binder printables. It is basically a timeline of what to do when if you are planning a party. If you can break up all of your planning into manageable tasks, nothing gets left behind and you won’t feel as stressed about pulling off a large event.

Party Planning ScheduleDownload Party Planning Schedule

(This download is for personal use only. You may not alter or redistribute this .pdf.)

Tomorrow I will be sharing another printable for the ‘31 days of homemaking printables‘ series.

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