Welcome to Day 14 of ‘31 Days of Homemaking Printables‘ series.

So far in talking about meal planning we have our grocery lists and meal planner in hand. Now, we need to actually sit down and write out a meal plan. Do you have a bunch of family favorite recipes you cook most of the time? I know I do. I don’t want to cook these recipes every single day, as we do like to try out new things. However, if all else fails there are certain meals I know I can either prepare quickly, are inexpensive or that I know my kids will eat. All are win-wins in my book!

Today’s printable gives you a place to jot down all those family favorites. If you cook from your pantry or freezer a lot, these dishes will be the ones that you often already have most of the ingredients on hand for.

This is not meant to be a place where you list every single recipe you have ever tried, but if you keep coming back to the same ones over and over, here is a place to jot them down to help you get those meals planned out faster.

Basically you will create lists of all of your favorite meals. There are spaces on the first page for main dishes and the second page for side dishes. I have mine printed front to back and placed in my home management binder under the section ‘meal planning’.

Family Favorite Main Dish Recipes

Family Favorite Side Dish Recipes

Download Family Favorite Recipes

(This download is for personal use only. You may not alter or redistribute this .pdf.)

Tomorrow I will be sharing another printable for the ‘31 days of homemaking printables‘ series.

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