Day 11: Clean Stove Top and Oven. Get your home in tip-top shape in just 31 days. Tips on how to deep clean your stove and oven.

Welcome to day 11 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series! Today’s task is to clean your stove top and oven.

Dirty stove that needs to be cleaned

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How to Clean Stove Top

We are going to start with cleaning our stove tops. The method I use is the Speed-Clean Your Stovetop by Real Simple. They have a printable checklist you can use.

Dirty stove top

First, remove the grates and the knobs and soak them in your sink with some hot, soapy water.

Soak grates and knobs in hot, soapy water

Wipe the crumbs off the stove top with a damp paper towel or cloth.

Wipe crumbs with a damp paper towel

Remove the knobs from the sink, wipe them off and dry them. Do not let them soak too long, or some of the markings could wear off.

Clean stove knobs in soapy water

Spray the stove top with an all purpose cleaner. Allow to sit on there for 1 minute. While this is soaking, wipe down the back and knob area.

Spray stove top with all-purpose cleaner

I use the degreaser formula of Shaklee’s Basic H for this. Scrub the stove top with a gentle scrubber. I use a scratch free scrub sponge.

Scrub stove top with a gentle scrubber

Wipe the stove top clean with a dry cloth or paper towel. You can shine your stove top with a glass cleaner. I use a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water.

Shine stove top with glass cleaner

Scrub the grates you had soaking in the sink and dry them. Replace all the grates and knobs.

Cleaned stove top

It took me about 11 minutes do clean my stove top and that was with taking pictures of each step!

Clean stove top grates

I recently discovered a great method for cleaning the stove that doesn’t require any cleaners at all. Read about how to deep clean your stove naturally.

How to Clean Oven

Next, we are going to clean the inside of the oven. You can always use your self-cleaning cycle on your oven if you have one. It does get very hot and stinky, so take that into account. Be sure to wipe out any crumbs or burnt on food before you start the cycle to minimize smoke.

If you don’t want to use your self-clean cycle on your oven or you don’t have one, start by making a paste of baking soda and water.

Make a paste of baking soda and water

Spread this mixture all over the inside of your oven. Don’t forget to check the heating element of your oven. If anything splatters, you can have a lot of food there! You can even use this mixture on your oven door and glass. Allow this to sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Take care to not get cleaner on the door seal.

Spread baking soda mixture on inside of oven

Helpful tip: If you do this step first, you can clean the stovetop while you wait. When you are finished with the stove top, it will be about time to wipe out the oven.

Spread baking soda mixture on glass inside oven

While you are waiting for the baking soda to do its magic, take your oven racks and soak them in a large sink with hot water and some dish soap. Our sinks are not large enough so I do this step in the bathtub. My oven racks are really dirty. If yours are not too bad, you can simply wipe them off, rinse and dry them and put them back in your oven.

Soak oven racks in warm soapy water

After 15 -30 minutes, wipe out your oven, rinsing as you go. This should remove most, if not all of the baked on grime. You can also use a plastic scraper to help remove really stuck on gunk.

Wipe out and rinse baking soda mixture

Now your oven should be nice and clean. If your oven is really old or dirty, you may not be able to get your oven completely spotless. Some types of food will actually stain the inside of your oven.

Clean the inside of your oven

If the inside of your glass door is dirty, I found a great tip on Ask Anna to get it clean. She has a genius trick for getting in between the panes of glass. I tried it, and it really does work!

Wipe down the front of your oven with all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe around the drawer at the bottom.

How to deep clean your stove top and oven - part of 31 days of deep cleaning your home. #laurascraftylife #clean #kitchen

Be sure to clean inside the drawer as well. Dirt and crumbs can fall down in there and it can get pretty dusty!

Clean oven drawer or warming tray

Note: Did you know the bottom pull out drawer or space in most ovens is actually a warming tray? I didn’t know this until we got our new stove. We no longer store anything down below.

Carefully pull your oven out from the wall. Clean the sides and back with an all-purpose cleaner. A magic eraser can help to get any stuck on grime. I haven’t pulled mine out in about a year so it was pretty gross!

Sides of a dirty oven

It always seems really disgusting, but usually only takes a quick wipe down to get rid of the gunk that has dripped down the sides.

Clean the sides of the oven

Remove any items that may have made their way underneath your oven. I have two small kids and cats, so I never really know what I am going to find back there. Vacuum up any dirt and wipe down your floor.

Behind the stove can get dirty

Clean underneath and behind the stove

Put your stove back into place. You are now ready for all your holiday baking!

31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Check back tomorrow for day 12 of the ‘31 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home‘ series!

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