Welcome to Day 11 of ‘31 Days of Homemaking Printables‘ series.

Today is the last day we are doing printouts for the household section. This one technically doesn’t get placed in your home management binder, but it ties right in to the last few days.

I think it is important to include the children in maintaining a home. Everyone makes messes, and everyone can help to clean them up. You could easily laminate this chart, put it in a page protector or frame it in a glass frame. You then use a wet-erase marker to list your child’s chores or responsibilities and mark them off as completed. I left a space at the top to fill in your child’s name.

There are two versions – blue and pink.

Printable Chore Charts

Download (Pink) Girls Chore Chart

Download (Blue) Boys Chore Chart

(This download is for personal use only. You may not alter or redistribute this .pdf.)

Tomorrow I will be sharing another printable for the ‘31 days of homemaking printables‘ series.

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