Cricut Scoring Wheel Pencil Box. Create this gold sparkle pencil box for back to school using the Cricut Maker and scoring wheels.

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One of my favorite things about Cricut is they are always coming out with new and innovative tools and features to make crafting even better. I am excited to announce Cricut is launching their new scoring wheels today!

Back to school pencil case made with Cricut scoring wheels

Cricut Scoring Wheels

The scoring wheels use the Cricut Maker’s Adaptive Tool system using up to 10X the pressure of the scoring stylus so you can make crisp, perfect, effortless folds even on thicker and coated materials.

Single Wheel vs. Double Wheel

There are two scoring wheels – the single wheel and double wheel. The single wheel makes a single crease on the material you are scoring and works great for every day thinner materials like thin papers up to cardstock. The double wheel makes two parallel creases on the material and is recommended for thicker or specialty materials. It allows you to fold thicker materials without cracking!

Cricut Scoring Wheels - Single and Double

There is one housing for both wheels. You simply change out the tip in the Scoring Wheel QuickSwap™ Drive Housing. The single wheel is marked with a 01 and the double wheel with a 02. Design Space will tell you which wheel to use depending on the material you want to score. Cricut has rigorously tested the two wheels so you can be confident you are using the correct wheel for your particular project.

Check out all the materials the scoring wheels can score: Recommended Materials List 

Note: The Cricut Maker will scan to ensure that you have the QuickSwap™ housing installed for scoring projects, but it does not scan for the single or double wheel. Always double check you have the correct tip installed before scoring.

Cricut Scoring Wheel Pencil Box

I am going to show you how to create a project using both scoring wheels. I will be making a sparkly pencil box for my daughter for 3rd grade. It will hold plenty of pencils and pens for her to take to school with her, or to keep here at home. The sparkle paper may be my new favorite from Cricut for paper crafting.


I started by creating my design in Cricut Design Space. I used the pencil box, a rosette apple, and a 3rd-grade ribbon label to complete the box. I wanted the box to be sturdy, so I decided to make it from sparkle paper. It feels to be the same thickness as poster board, and even better, it is glittery without making a mess.

I sized the box so that when folded it would be about 8 inches wide. This is the perfect length to hold pencils.

Back to School Pencil Box

Cricut Design Space File: Back to School Pencil Box

Cricut Double Scoring Wheel

To create the pencil box, I used gold sparkle paper. I also cut out the word “grade” from the gold sparkle paper. To make sure that the paper doesn’t crack when folding, place the sparkle paper with the shiny side (nice side) down on the light grip mat. Choose Mirror Image for that mat.

Then, choose “sparkle paper” from the materials list. The Maker will tell you to first place in the double scoring wheel. You can see which scoring wheel you need to use by the 02 in the picture, and it will say “Load Double Scoring Wheel in Clamp B” below the picture. 

Use Cricut Double Scoring Wheel 02

Helpful tip: The new default for any scoring project is the scoring wheel rather than the scoring stylus. If you only have the stylus, you can select it by clicking “Edit Tools” when you are on step 2: Load tools and mat. This will allow you to change the scoring wheel to a scoring stylus for your project.

Edit Tools - to change from scoring wheel to scoring stylus

After the lines have been scored, it will prompt you onscreen to change to the fine-point blade in clamp B. Change the blade and finish cutting the design.

Use double scoring wheel to cut thick materials like sparkle paper

The double scoring wheel scores two parallel lines rather than just one. This allows for a small gap of material on the nice side between the two score lines so your material doesn’t crack when folding. Fold on all the scoring lines, and secure the end tabs with hot glue.

Double scored lines on sparkle paper

Be sure to follow the onscreen instructions for each mat. Change the Material set to: to whatever material you are cutting. For the rosette apple and 3rd grade flag, I used a combination of sparkle paper, foil poster board, and cardstock.

Cricut Single Scoring Wheel

The rosette part of the apple is cut from red cardstock so it only requires the single scoring wheel. You will see this indicated by a 01 and Load Scoring Wheel in Clamp B. Again, just like the pencil box, it will tell you to load the scoring wheel into clamp B, score all the lines, and then prompt you to change to the fine-point blade.

Use Cricut Single Scoring Wheel 01

Again, just like the sparkle paper, it will tell you to load the scoring wheel into clamp B, score all the lines, and then prompt you to change to the fine-point blade.

Apple rosette score lines

Once the rosettes are cut out, fold the paper accordion style.

Fold paper accordion style for rosettes

For the small apple, it was only one piece, and the larger apple has two pieces.

Folded pieces for apple rosette

Use hot glue to secure the ends of the rosette to make a circle, then press it down flat.

Hold rosette down flat and then hot glue on apple to secure

Back side of rosette

Glue the assembled apples onto the top of the rosettes and add the stems.

Apple rosette made with the Cricut Scoring Wheel

Finish the box by gluing the apples and 3rd-grade flag to the top of the box. I used hot glue for almost everything so it would be really secure. The sparkle paper has a glossy finish and getting everything to stay put with regular glue would be difficult. I used Turbo Tacky Glue to attach the words to the flag.

Gold sparkle back to school pencil box

Now my daughter has an adorable pencil box to take to 3rd grade.

Pencil box made with gold sparkle paper

Back to School pencil box made with Cricut Maker and scoring wheels

Where to Buy

Cricut is launching the scoring wheels today on HSN. They have a great Cricut Maker with Adaptive Tools bundle which includes the scoring wheel, rotary blade, knife blade, and many other great accessories to go along with it for only $399.95!

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