You all know how much I love my Cricut. I especially love to make custom shirts and home decor items with it. Cricut just released new beautiful iron-on designs. Today, I am going to show you how to use one of these ready to go designs to create a Cricut Iron-On reverse canvas art piece for your home.

Cricut Iron-on Design reverse canvas - create an inexpensive art piece in just minutes

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Creating a Reverse Canvas

To start with, we will create the reverse canvas. Creating a reverse canvas is a technique used to take an inexpensive canvas you get at the craft store and transforming it into a beautiful art piece. You remove the canvas to reveal the frame underneath. Then, you can paint or stain the frame any color you like. You add a design to the canvas you removed and attach it to the back. Since frames and framed art can be so expensive this is a way to create beautiful art for your home on a budget.

Helpful Tip: Michaels has canvas sales several times a year, so stock up when they are half price and you will always have one on hand when you need it!

Start by removing the canvas from your frame. I chose to remove the staples using a flat head screwdriver to pry them up and then a set of pliers to pull out the staples. You can also simply cut the canvas away from the frame using a utility knife to save time.

Remove staples from back of canvas

Pull the canvas off the frame and set aside.

Remove canvas from frame

Paint or stain your frame. I used Minwax Classic Gray Stain for my frame. Paint the stain on using a paintbrush or foam brush. Then wait for 5 – 15 minutes. The longer you wait, the deeper color your stain will be.

Apply paint or stain to unfinished frame

Frame with one coat of stain

After allowing the stain to set, wipe off any excess stain from your wood. Allow the stain to dry 4 – 6 hours before applying another coat. Wait 8 hours before applying a clear finish. For this project, I only used one coat of stain with no protective finish.

Wipe off excess stain with a paper towel or rag

Creating the Canvas

While your stain is drying you can apply your Cricut Iron-On Design to the canvas. There are so many amazing iron-on designs to choose from. The design I chose is so pretty and intricate. It is a floral mandala with many of the colors I use in my home.

Cricut iron-on designs - floral mandala

I love to create my own designs in Cricut Design Space and then cut the iron-on out with my machine. But it would be very difficult and time consuming to create something as detailed as the design above. Plus, to get all the colors of iron-on I would need it would cost a lot to create a similar result.

About Cricut Iron-On Designs:

  • There are two sizes – small and large.
  • You can create a beautiful project in just minutes!
  • Currently, there are over 50 designs to choose from with more being added soon.
  • You can use the designs, as is, or personalize and customize them, even more, using cut designs with your Cricut machine.
  • Check out all the Cricut Iron-on Designs.

The process of using the Cricut Iron-On Designs is simple. I used my EasyPress and EasyPress mat. Set the EasyPress to 340°. Hold the EasyPress on the canvas for 15 seconds to preheat the material. Place the Iron-On Design on your heated canvas. Heat the design for 30 seconds using medium pressure.

Use EasyPress to attach iron on design to canvas

Flip the canvas over and heat the design on the back side of the canvas for an additional 15 seconds. Allow the design to cool completely.

Use the EasyPress and mat to heat back side of canvas

Once completely cool (usually 1 – 2 minutes) peel the liner off the design.

Peel liner from iron on design

Instructions on how to use the EasyPress with either the EasyPress Mat or a towel for all of your iron-on projects: Cricut EasyPress Recommended Settings Page

Note: You can also use a household iron to transfer your design to your project. Set your iron to the cotton/linen setting. Be sure the steam setting is OFF. Preheat the material for 10 – 15 seconds. Place the design on the preheated material. Heat all parts of the design for 30 seconds. Flip the material over and heat the back side of the design for 15 seconds. Allow the material to cool completely and then peel off the liner.

Care Instructions for Iron-On Designs:

  • Allow 24 hours after application before washing.
  • Wash and tumble dry inside out.
  • Do not bleach.
  • If you need to iron, only iron on the backside of the garment.

Assembling the Reverse Canvas

Once your stained or painted frame has dried, it is time to re-assemble the canvas. Use the frame as a guide to mark and trim the excess canvas. I used a pencil to make guide marks on the edges of the canvas.

Use a pencil to mark where to trim canvas

You can use scissors and a ruler, a utility knife, or a rotary fabric cutter and guide to trim the excess canvas.

Trim excess off canvas

Flip the frame over and align the canvas on the back. Use a staple gun to reattach the canvas to the back of the frame.

Use staple gun to reattach canvas

Besides waiting for the stain to dry, this project took me under 10 minutes to make and looks amazing.

Reverse canvas Cricut iron-on designs

Cricut iron-on design - floral mandala on reverse canvas

Cricut iron-on reverse canvas

I am excited about the possibilities of the new Iron-On designs. Below are a few of my favorites that you will see on some upcoming projects:

Iron-On Designs™, Love You More – 8.5”x12” - Iron-on Designs - Iron-on - Cutting Materials Iron-On Designs™, Love Heart – 8.5”x12” - Iron-on Designs - Iron-on - Cutting Materials Iron-On Designs, Bookworm – 8.5”x12” - Iron-on Designs - Iron-on - Cutting Materials Iron-On Designs™, Floral Ampersand – 8.5”x12” - Iron-on Designs - Iron-on - Cutting Materials
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