If you follow Cricut, you may already know that they recently came out with some amazing new products. Today, I am going to share my review of the new Cricut BrightPad with you.

Cricut BrightPad Review and uses

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First, let’s talk about what the Cricut BrightPad is. It is a lightweight, low-profile light pad. It reminds me of a big version of my iPad. It is very slim, and you can easily view a full 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper on the screen. It makes crafting easier while reducing eyestrain. It helps to illuminate all the fine lines for tracing, cut lines for vinyl, and so much more!
Cricut BrightPad review
It has an adjustable LED with five brightness settings. The surface is scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about marring up the surface when you weed vinyl. It has a long 6-foot USB cord. And it has a non-slip base to keep it steady on a flat surface.

OfficialBrightPad™ | Cricut.com

If you have ever tried to weed glitter vinyl or iron-on, you know how hard it is to see the cut lines. I used to stand in front of my window with the sun shining in behind my project so I could try to see the lines. The BrightPad makes it easy to see these lines. 

OfficialBrightPad™ | Cricut.com

I thought I would make a glitter iron-on t-shirt to show you how it works.
I added this pre-made design from Cricut Design Space. It says, “The craft room is calling and I must go.” Perfect for a crafter like myself. I created a rectangle the same size as the front of my t-shirt to use as a guide to size the design.
Cricut Design Space: Craft Room T-Shirt
Cricut Design Space File: Craft Room T-Shirt
Note: Turn off the view of the rectangle before you cut. Also, be sure when you go to cut your design, you mirror the image and place the iron-on shiny side down on your cutting mat. Set the Smart Set Dial to Custom. Choose glitter iron-on from the drop down menu.
Mirror image for iron-on
Here is the vinyl with the BrightPad turned off. You can’t see the cut lines at all.
Glitter iron-on before BrightPad
Now, you can see what it looks like with the BrightPad turned on. You can see the lines for everything you need to weed. It was hard to photograph, but in person, it makes a huge difference to be able to see all those small cut lines.
Glitter iron-on after BrightPad
Cricut also has a special weeding tool set that makes any weeding project a breeze.
Weeding Tool Set
Here are two more views after I had weeded out the excess vinyl.
Cricut BrightPad turned off
Cricut BrightPad turned on
The finished t-shirt turned out so cute! I wasn’t sure about how it would work because I was using a tone on tone color with the glitter iron-on in a slightly darker shade. It is subtle, but you can see still the design.
Glitter iron-on vinyl t-shirt - The craft room is calling and I must go
The Craft Room is Calling and I must go t-shirt
The BrightPad is not just for vinyl and iron-on. I love to make jewelry. Those small bits and pieces can be hard to see especially if you are crafting at night. Using the BrightPad to light up what you are working on is wonderful. It makes it much easier to see each individual piece.
BrightPad turned off with jewelry
Use Cricut BrightPad to see small materials better
You can also use it for tracing. This is great for practicing hand lettering, drawing, or transferring embroidery patterns to your fabric. The BrightPad is light weight, so it is comfortable enough to hold in your lap while you draw.
Use BrightPad to trace
What would you use the Cricut BrightPad for?
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