Preserving memories is so important to me. I am a sentimental person – partly because of my personality and also because I lost my mom at such a young age. So, after Christmas is over and it is time to take down the holiday cards we received, I usually just put them all in a Ziploc bag, label it with a year, and call it good. I am saving them, but not really doing anything with them or enjoying them. 

ARC System Christmas Card Binder - Laura's Crafty Life

I wanted to figure out a way to display the cards year after year and have a way of looking back at them. I originally thought I would put them in a scrapbook album, but really they can take up a lot of space and it is more work than I wanted to put into it. So, instead, I decided to create a Christmas card binder using the ARC System from Staples.

I use an ARC binder already for my blog planner. This system is great because it works like a traditional notebook where you can flip the front pages around to the back, but you can also add and remove pages, like a binder. It is the best of both worlds of both a notebook and a binder in one.

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Supplies needed:

Supplies for Christmas Card Binder

This project is really easy. Start by purchasing an ARC notebook. You only need the smaller, junior size one for this project. Take out all the pages the book came with.

Pull out pages from ARC notebook

Empty ARC binder system

Punch each Christmas card you want to include in your binder.

Use Levenger punch to add cards to the ARC binder

Note: The ARC punch can be very expensive. I purchased this smaller one from Amazon, and it has been working great. However, it will only punch one card at a time or about 2 standard sheets of copy paper.

Add the punched cards to the binder. 

Inside of Christmas card binder

I was left with some cards that were not photo cards, but more like regular greeting cards. I wanted to save those, too. My punch wouldn’t go through that thick of paper, so I simply added a folder pocket divider in the notebook in the back to hold all of them. 

Use divider pocket for non-photo cards

My binder easily holds two years worth of cards. I will probably add one more year once I dig them out of the storage box in our shed. I plan to make more of these binders for all the cards I have saved.

So we can easily identify what cards the notebook contains, I created a label to say ‘Christmas Cards’. I used my Cricut to cut the words out of red vinyl. 

Christmas Card vinyl

Font: Freestyle

I also cut out the years included in the binder with gold vinyl.

Add years to notebook using vinyl

A little tip when using Cricut Design Space to cut out vinyl: Create a box around whatever you are cutting out. Attach the box to the layer of your image or text.

Christmas Card Binder - Cricut Design Space

This makes it much easier to weed out the vinyl. 

When cutting vinyl create a box around the image or text to make it easier to weed the vinyl

Once you have the vinyl weeded out, you can use transfer tape to move the image or text from your paper backing to your project.

Apply transfer tape to weeded vinyl

Use transfer tape to add vinyl to projects

It will be fun to look back at all the photo cards year after year to see how everyone has changed and grown up.

Create a Christmas Card binder to look at year after year using the ARC System Notebook

Christmas card binder to look at year after year - Laura's Crafty Life

Do you save holiday cards?

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