In spring, we purchased a new toy hauler for camping. I wanted to create a little scrapbook of sorts to keep track of all the trips we take in the trailer. With my Cricut Explore and the Cinch Tool, it was easy to put together a bound book that will be a great reminder of all our family trips together.

Camping Memory Book made with Cricut Explore and Cinch Tool

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Supplies needed:

To start with I created a file in Cricut Design Space™ with my design. I created a scene that looked like the woods. I found a truck and a camper to use that reminded me of our truck and trailer. We have a toy hauler, but I thought this little camper was too cute. I made everything match the colors of our actual truck and trailer.

Cricut Design Space - Camping Memory Book

Cricut Design Space File: Camping Memory Book

I cut everything out on textured cardstock, except for the white pieces and the light blue sky background. These were cut out of regular plain cardstock.


Once everything was cut out, I started gluing the background design onto my 8″ x 8″ Cinch board. I used an Elmer’s extra strength glue stick for this.


Next, I glued the trees, grass, and clouds to the background.


Note: To make sure you get full coverage on all your pieces, place your cardstock face down on a paper towel and rub the glue stick all over the back, making sure you get good coverage on the edges. For your next piece, simply use another section of the paper towel. Once you have used most of the paper towel, the spot where you started is usually dry and ready to use again.


Finally, I glued the truck and trailer pieces together and then added them to the Cinch board. I used the glue pen to adhere any edges that were missed to make sure everything was glued down really well.


I added blue and white polka dot paper to the back of the front cover.


I used a green and white chevron paper for the inside of the back cover.


The outside of the back cover got an outdoor themed paper that had little cabins, trees, and wildlife on it.


To finish up the book, I used the Cinch tool to bind it together. Start by punching holes in each cover and all your paper. I used a mix of pre-cut 8″ x 8″ kraft paper, as well as white cardstock that I cut to the correct size with my paper trimmer.


Trim the coil to the correct size, if needed. My book is 8″ x 8″ so I need to cut mine to 8″ with the pliers.


Then, using the side of the Cinch tool, add your covers and your papers to the coil. Add the papers first, then the front cover, followed by the back cover. You want the front and back covers facing each other. This will allow the edge of the coil to be hidden in the back cover.


Use the Cinch tool to close the coil.


I am so happy with the way the book turned out. I plan to add a location, dates, and a couple of photographs to each page for every trip we take in the trailer. This will be such a fun memory book to look back on for years to come.



P.S. You can see the Cricut Explore Air 2 in action on my Facebook page.

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