Last year for my husband’s birthday, I made a camping cake to celebrate his birthday. This was still my personal blog and I realized I never blogged about it. This cake came together fast and I was so happy with how it turned out!
I started with two round 8″ chocolate cakes. I layered chocolate buttercream between the two layers. To create the frosting for the outside of the cake, I dyed buttercream icing blue and green and used the chocolate buttercream as is for the ‘dirt’ part of the cake.

To create the green ‘grass’ I used a star tip. I made the pine tree using a sugar cone and covered it with green icing using my star tip again. To create the blue waves of the water, I used a large round decorating tip to add the blue icing on in layers. I made a ‘tent’ using graham cracker pieces and covered them in chocolate icing.

I added rocks to the dirt and around the fire pit. My rocks were Milk Duds. For the fire logs, I used pretzel sticks. 

The candle in the middle was the fire!
Have you made any fun cakes or desserts lately? 
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