For my husband’s 40th birthday, I threw him a big party at the house with a bunch of our friends. My husband is a hunter and loves the outdoors, so I thought doing a camouflage birthday party would be fun.

The real star of the party was the camouflage cupcakes. Today, I am going to share with you how to make them. 

Camouflage Cupcakes - Laura's Crafty Life

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I didn’t plan an elaborate party like I usually do for the kids, but I did decorate and we had a lot of delicious food. We ended up playing Just Dance, which was hilarious! I purchased some decorations at Walmart – camouflage plates, napkins, balloons and a tablecloth. I also made a utensil holder by using a cardboard beverage carrier and covering it in camouflage Duck tape.

To make the camouflage cupcakes, you will need to purchase three different kinds of cake mix. Chocolate, yellow, and white.

Cake needed to make camouflage cupcakes and cake

You will also need two colors of food coloring. I prefer to use the Wilton colors when I am baking cakes or making an icing. For this project, I used Brown and Juniper Green.

Wilton icing colors for camo cupcakes

Prepare each cake mix according to package instructions. I wanted five different colors of cake batter – dark brown, light brown, yellow, dark green and light green.

The dark brown cake batter was simply the chocolate cake batter by itself. To make the light brown, I mixed the white and chocolate cake batters together.

To make light brown cake mix - combine chocolate cake and vanilla

For the green batters, I used some chocolate batter mixed with the green food coloring to create a darker green. 

Add green coloring to chocolate cake batter

For the lighter green, I mixed white cake batter with green food coloring.

Add green coloring to white cake batter

When I was finished I had five different colors of cake batter. (The yellow cake batter was left plain.)

Five colors of cake batter to make camo cupcakes

To make the cupcakes, I used a spoon to drop some of each of the colors of cake batter into a muffin tin lined with cupcake wrappers.

Drop spoonfuls of each color batter to create camo cupcakes

I then swirled the colors together, just a little bit, using a toothpick.

Use toothpick to swirl batter colors in cupcake liner

Bake the cupcakes according to package instructions. Allow to cool.

Baked camo cupcakes

I made my usual buttercream frosting. I divided the frosting into three bowls and colored one green, one brown and left one white. I added each of the three frostings to a piping bag.

Create three different colors of icing for cupcakes - green, brown and white

Note: I found a tutorial showing how to place all three piping bags into a larger piping bag to create the swirl effect with the frosting. I could not get this to work for me, so I simply squeezed a little bit of each of the three colors of frosting into a large piping bag, and alternated colors up to the top.

Add all three icing colors to a piping bag

Using a large star tip, I added frosting to each of the cupcakes.

Camouflage Cupcakes with Camo Icing - Laura's Crafty Life

Camo Cupcakes - laurascraftylife

To display the cupcakes I used my white cupcake stand. I covered each tier of the stand with moss you can find at the craft store. I then placed the cupcakes on the moss.

Camo cupcake display - use moss to create texture underneath the cupcakes

I love this cupcake stand. When not in use, you can disassemble it and it takes up much less space!

I also made a camouflage cake. To make the cake, I used the same cake batter as above. I dropped spoonfuls of the different colors of batter into a greased rectangular baking pan. I didn’t swirl the batter colors this time. I did make sure that I had a pretty even distribution of all the colors of batter.

Camouflage Cake batter

It turned out really cool once it was baked.

Baked camo cake

To frost the cake, I used pre-made chocolate frosting and frosted the sides and top one-third of the cake.

Ice the sides and one third of the camo cake with chocolate frosting

I added blue buttercream icing using a star tip to create the look of water on the middle third of the cake.

Add water to the middle of the cake using blue icing and a star tip

I used orange buttercream icing around the edge of the cake and also to write Happy 4oth Birthday on the cake board.

Pipe around the bottom of the cake using hunter orange icing

Lastly, I added green buttercream icing to look like grass. I added large pretzel sticks covered in green icing to look like pine trees. And I added a small plastic deer.

Camo cake - Laura's Crafty Life

I somehow did not get too many great pictures of the cake or the party. I think we were all having too much fun! 

Camo party - dessert table

Have you ever made a cake or cupcakes using multiple colors of batter?

You can find more ideas on my Camo party Pinterest board.

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