Butterfly T-Shirt. Learn how to make a DIY butterfly t-shirt using your Cricut machine and EasyPress 2. Plus get tips on how to use the slice tool for materials you cannot layer.

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Last week I answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Cricut EasyPress 2. This week, I am once again partnering with Cricut to show you how to create your own t-shirt using your Cricut machine, two types of iron-on, and your EasyPress 2.

Learn how to make a DIY butterfly t-shirt using your Cricut machine and EasyPress 2. Plus get tips on how to use the slice tool for materials you cannot layer. #laurascraftylife #cricut #easypress #ad

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One of the things to be aware of when creating iron-on designs in Cricut Design Space is whether or not you can layer a particular material on top of another one. Certain materials – foil, glitter, and holographic sparkle iron-on – cannot be layered.

Today, I am going to be using Everyday and Glitter iron-on. If you choose a pattern with multiple layers you will need to utilize the slice feature in Design Space. This is also a helpful technique to learn when working with a lot of layers in Design Space. Even if your material allows multiple layers, you do not want your design to get too thick or stiff.

You can find out more information about which materials can and cannot be layered in this post: https://help.cricut.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009501533-Cricut-EasyPress-Layering-technique

How to Use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space

Start by opening Cricut Design Space and click on New Project. Click on the Image tab in the Design Panel. Choose the image you want to work with. I chose the Butterfly image from the Picturesque cartridge #M3F6B3. Click Insert Image.

Butterfly image in Cricut Design Space

As you can see in the layers panel, this butterfly design has seven layers, four of which are hidden.

The first thing I do when working with the different layers is to delete any of the ones I know I am not using. This makes it easier as you move forward with your design. You can do this by clicking on the layer in the layers panel and clicking on the Delete button in the upper right corner. This step is not mandatory, but if you are working with a more complicated design it can make it easier to work on your project.

Delete layers you are not using in design

As you can see, this design has three layers now. I want the middle cut-out parts to be glitter iron-on and the main outline of the butterfly to be everyday iron-on. Since I cannot layer the everyday iron-on on top of the glitter layers, we have to use the slice tool. And even though I am using everyday iron-on for both the outline and the outer yellow parts, I want the entire design to only be one layer.


When using the slice tool, you have to select exactly two layers. Do this by clicking on one layer in the Layers panel, and then hold down CTRL and select the second layer. Then click on Slice at the bottom of the layers panel.

Select two layers and use slice tool in layers panel

I now have four layers, the original three plus the layer that was sliced. 

Layers after using the slice tool

Now, I will select the next two layers and slice them, as well.

Choose two layers and then slice

You can see I now have five layers – the three original layers, plus the two sliced layers. You can also see, the yellow and orange layers are still overlapping, so I have to do one more slice to be able to cut my design.

Slice result and original layers in layers paenl

I have six layers, three of which I will be using to cut out my design. It looks like the original design but no parts of the butterfly are overlapping anymore. 

Sliced butterfly design to use with layered iron-on

Note: You can delete the original layers you don’t need or simply hide them from cutting by clicking on the little eye next to each layer in the layers panel.

Butterfly T-Shirt


We are now ready to create our t-shirt. Open the butterfly t-shirt file in Cricut Design Space.

Butterfly T-Shirt design - Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space File: Butterfly T-Shirt

Size it to your specific t-shirt by using the template tool in the Design Panel. This is also a great time to see what color scheme you want for your design by changing the colors of the layers to match your materials.

Use templates to see how your design will look on your project

After you are done designing, click the green Make It button. Make sure to select Mirror for each layer of your design. Click the green Continue button.

Select mirror for your image when using iron-on

Note: Mirroring is not as critical on a symmetrical design like this butterfly, but when working with words and designs that are only meant to go one way, you MUST choose mirror before cutting. It is a good habit to get into when working with iron-on.

Place your iron-on shiny side down on your cutting mat. Use the Maker to cut out your iron-on pieces.

Place glitter iron-on shiny side down to cut

Weed the iron-on using your weeding tool. The BrightPad can be a helpful tool when weeding glitter iron-on that can be hard to see.

Use BrightPad to help weed iron-on

Use the EasyPress 2 to Attach Iron-on

First, you will need to check the Quick Reference Guide or Interactive Guide to determine the temperatures and times needed for all materials you plan to layer on your particular base layer. 

My t-shirt is a cotton/poly blend and I am using everyday iron-on and glitter iron-on for my layers.  The settings are 330° for 30 seconds for the glitter iron-on and 315° for 30 seconds for the everyday iron-on. Start with your hotter temperature setting, in this case, the glitter iron-on.

Use an EasyPress mat under your base material

Pre-heat your base material with the EasyPress 2. Then, use the EasyPress 2 with the mat underneath your base material to press your first iron-on material onto the shirt for a few seconds. Peel off the liner while it is still hot. 

Peel off liner while it is still hot

Add your next layer of iron-on and adjust your temperature settings as needed. Again, press the material for only a few seconds and then peel off the liner while it is still warm. 

Use the EasyPress 2 to create DIY t-shirts

Helpful Tip: Using the iron-on protective sheet will ensure there is a protective layer over all layers of your iron-on.

Finally, add your last layer of iron-on. For this layer, press your item for 15 seconds and then remove the liner. Flip your base material over and press on the back side for another 10-15 seconds.

I found it easiest to cut the last layer into four pieces to help me line up each of the designs perfectly around the outside edges of the butterfly.

Cut your iron-on to match everything up perfectly

It is best to wash your t-shirt inside out to keep the iron-on looking like new.

Learn how to "layer" iron-on without layering

DIY butterfly t-shirt design - Cricut Design Space

I hope these tips for creating your own t-shirt designs were helpful. Making my own t-shirts is one of my favorite things to do with my Cricut machine.


How to use the slice tool in Cricut Design Space. Perfect for creating a layered look without the layers! #cricut #laurascraftylife #cricutdesignspace

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