Yesterday, I shared all the details of this year’s cookie exchange party. Every year, for the past six years, I have hosted a cookie exchange party. My friends and I get together, bake cookies and delicious treats, package them up in creative ways, and exchange them at the party. We get a chance to spend time together during the busy holiday season. This year’s theme was a Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange.

Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange Printables

Free printable Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange party printables - invitations, stickers, table tents, and voting sheets

I love to create custom printables for parties. It allows me to dress up ordinary (and inexpensive) supplies to make them look really wonderful. Plus, I think printables can really help tie everything together.


The first thing you need for any party is an invitation. And although I typically use Facebook to coordinate events, some of you may want a more traditional invitation to print and pass out or mail.

Free printable Buffalo Plaid cookie exchange invitations

Download: Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange Invitations

These downloads are for personal use only. Do not share the direct link to the .pdf/.jpg file. Please link back to the original post when sharing.

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Cookie Exchange Stickers

I like to make round stickers because I can use them in many ways. This year, I added my round stickers to the plain paper cups, plastic wine glasses, and the favor bags.


Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange cups

Buffalo Plaid Stickers on wine glasses

Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange favor bags

Print out these stickers on white sticker paper and use a 1 1/2″ circle punch or scissors to cut them out.

Free printable Buffalo Plaid cookie exchange stickers

Download: Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange Stickers

Table Tents

The table tents are also a versatile item to use when planning a party. You can use them to label food and drinks. I also used them also to label each person’s packages so we knew whose packages of treats was whose.

Printable Bufflao Plaid table tents

Print these on plain white cardstock and cut out using scissors or a paper trimmer.

Free printable Buffalo Plaid table tents

Download: Buffalo Plaid Table Tents

Voting Sheets

One of the activities we do during the cookie exchange is a vote. I choose three categories for us to vote on. This year we voted on best packaging, best tasting treat, and most creative treat. I give out prizes to the three winners.

Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange Voting Sheets

You can print these on regular printer paper or white cardstock. Then, trim them with scissors or a paper trimmer.

Free printable Buffalo Plaid cookie exchange voting sheets

Download: Buffalo Plaid Cookie Exchange Voting Sheets

I hope these printables make it easy for you to host a wonderful cookie exchange party with your friends and family.

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