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Brondell 3-stage Cypress Water Filtration System

Around our house we drink a ton of water. (Or at least I do!) Since I completed my weight loss challenge, I have tried to maintain my healthy habits as best as I can, and drinking lots of water is on the top of the list. We had a small water filtration pitcher in our fridge, but it doesn’t hold that much water and it takes up a lot of space on the shelf. And to top it all off, the pitcher always seemed to be empty when we wanted to get a drink.

The lovely people over at Brondell asked if I would like to try out their newest 3-stage Cypress countertop water filtration system. I actually hesitated for a little bit because with my recent quest for decluttering my house, I have been trying to keep the counters cleared off. And this would be one more thing on the counter! I also wasn’t completely sure I would be able to install it with the type of faucet we have. (We recently upgraded our faucet to a pull-down style faucet.)

I found out that in fact I could not install this unit directly onto my faucet, but there was an optional t-valve you can purchase to install the water line directly to your existing water supply, rather than the faucet. So, I said yes!

The instructions said the filtration system could easily be installed in about 10 minutes. Since I wanted to test the installation out for my readers, I was determined to do this project myself, with no help from my husband.

To install the filtration unit under the sink: Start by reading the instructions thoroughly. You need basic plumbing tools – just a wrench and plumbers tape, the optional t-valve, and the filtration unit.

The filtration unit comes with date stickers to label the 3 different filters inside the unit. Pop the top lid off an label each filter. Two of the filters are good for 6 months and the other is good for one year. Label the respective filters with the dates when they need to be changed in the future.

label filters with date stickers

Start by turning off the water supply to both the cold and hot water.

turn off water supply


Then, you want to disconnect the water supply (from your faucet) from the supply valve using your wrench.

remove cold water supply lineNote: Your setup will probably look a little different than mine. Each home is unique, and ours is a manufactured where everything in it is a little unusual from a standard home.

Using your plumber’s tape to wrap your fittings, install the t-valve between the supply valve and the water supply line. (It says it is optional to use the plumber’s tape in the instructions, but save yourself the hassle and install it with the plumber’s tape the first time. I had major leaks without it!)

install optional t-valve between supply line and pipe


Now you are ready to install the water filtration system. Pull the plug out of the water inlet.

remove plug


Insert one end of the included tubing into the water inlet. Thread down to your faucet. I had a soap dispenser on my sink that we didn’t really use, so I threaded the tubing down through the hole. We are still looking for a solution for making the hole look more finished. I will update this post when we find something!

feed supply line to water filtration


Lastly, you will connect the other end of the hose to the t-valve. Turn back on the water supply and check for leaks. You then have to drain the filter for 10 continuous minutes before first use to remove any carbon powder and air from the system. (I caught the water in a bowl and watered my plants with it.)

drain water filter for 10 minutes


And here it is all installed. I love that it is white and matches all my other appliances. It has a sleek design that doesn’t take up much counter space.

Brondell Cypress water filtration Brondell Cypress water filtration system



  • Ease of installation and use
  • Great tasting water
  • Filters last a long time (6 months – 1 year)
  • Slim design doesn’t take up much space and looks stylish
  • The 3-stage Cypress Water Filtration System utilizes three separate advanced water filters, dramatically reducing industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), microorganisms, and bad tastes and odors.
  • Convenience


  • Cost: The unit has an initial price that is more expensive than a pitcher style unit. However, the filters last much longer and since this unit is connected to your water supply line, you are not constantly refilling pitchers. Also, compared to other under sink water filtration units this one beats the price of many of them!
  • Unit sits out on your counter (for those of you that have a small space, this could be an issue)

My recommendation: I love this unit! I seriously use it so much throughout the day. It is easy enough for my son to get his own water (he is 7). You push the button on top and out comes clean, filtered water that tastes great! Since the unit is installed directly to the water supply line, there are no switches or levers to move once it is installed.

If you are not quite ready to invest in the above unit, I can also highly recommend the water pitcher filtration system.

Brondell water pitcher

To use the pitcher you soak the included filter for 10 minutes in cold water. Then, you rinse the filter for 10 seconds. Push the filter firmly down into the pitcher. After discarding the first two pitchers of water, you are ready to drink.

Some unique features of this pitcher is it’s streamlined designed. This one is much more narrow than our old water filter pitcher. This pitcher will even fit in the fridge door! It is BPA free. It has a large 6 cup capacity which means less refilling! The four stage filter lasts for 2 months. And it also has a filter replacement indicator on the top that reminds you when to replace your filter. (On my old one, I always had to write it down or stick a label on the pitcher so I wouldn’t forget.)

Brondell water pitcher filtration system

To learn more about Brondell products:

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Have you ever tackled a plumbing job (easy or difficult) by yourself?

6 Comments on Brondell Water Filtration System Review

  1. We used to have the pitcher filter thing, too, but like your household, it always seemed like it was empty and we were always filling it. Now we have this cool system that actually filters the water coming into our house. We have county water–not so bad–but now the water is much cleaner. Plus, for drinking, we have a 3-fliter, reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink. I absolutely love my soap dispenser and could never give it up, so they installed another smaller faucet just for drinking. They cut a hole directly into the quartz countertop, right between the soap dispenser and the faucet. (our sink is set under-counter or whatever it’s called) It is awesome–love the taste of the water!!! Once a year they come out and service it and the whole system is guaranteed for life.
    After I saw documentaries on bottled water, I only drink it if there is no other solution available. It’s dirty, and the bottles are so bad for the environment.
    I’m sure you will LOVE your new system! I know I drink a lot more water since we got it installed…

  2. It,s awesome blog, I would like to install this water filtration systems. I can save valuable floor space in our apartment or home.

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