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Today I have a quick and easy organizing project for you! I have already shown you how I store our medications, but we didn’t have a place to put all of our band aids and first aid supplies. They were all stored in a basket under the sink, but any time the kids needed a band-aid, everything got pulled out and thrown around the bathroom! Hence, the boo boo box (first aid box) was born!

Organize first aid supplies with a boo boo box

I saw a clever idea on Clean and Scentsible for a first aid box a long time ago. Hers is a lot more elaborate than mine needed to be, but the principal was the same! 

I purchased a small flat tackle type box that had removable dividers. This was an important detail when finding the right box because I needed to be able to fit all my supplies in snugly. 

Plastic divider bin

I filled our box with band-aids (Barbie and super hero ones, of course), neosporin, Traumeel for bruises and arnica spray for other muscle aches and sprains. I purchase the character band-aids at Dollar Tree. They are honestly not the best/stickiest band-aids, but since my daughter is at the stage of wanting a band-aid for every little thing, this works well for her to get her own band-aid without her wasting the ‘good’ band-aids.

inside contents of boo boo box

Having one place with the band aids already out of their boxes solved the problem of all the band aids being thrown about the bathroom. However, my four-year old likes to be independent and get things herself. She kept opening the box upside down and everything would dump all over the floor on accident!

I decided to create a little picture on the front so she knew which side was up. I figured the red cross symbol was as good as any. I used my Outdoor Man cartridge and my Cricut Expression to cut the image out of vinyl.

cut red cross symbol using CricutI simply peeled off the vinyl backing and stuck it to the front of the box. 

attach vinyl to front of box

Now we had no more mix ups!

Boo Boo box via Laura's Crafty Life

So tell me, how do you store your first aid supplies?

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    • You’re welcome Michelle! Super easy to get everything together. I love having it all in one spot. Makes the times the kids get hurt a *little* less stressful! Have a safe and happy 4th! xo, Laura

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