Last year, I auditioned to participate in SYTYC (So You Think You’re Crafty) Season 17. Our theme was back to school. I created a fun back to school wreath to hang on my door and welcome the beginning of the new school year! 

Back to School Wreath with Laura's Crafty Life Back to School Wreath

Supplies needed:

  • Foam pool noodle and packing tape (optional: foam wreath base)
  • Fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Various small school supply items (crayons, pencils, scissors)
  • Crayon border (from Dollar Tree)
  • Baker’s twine
  • Apple chalkboard
  • Fabric and felt for flowers
  • Large ribbon

The first task was to create a foam wreath base. You can purchase these premade, but they can be kind of expensive. I was able to purchase a pool noodle from Dollar Tree for only $1. Now is a great time to buy them because they are often on clearance.

DIY Foam Wreath Base

Figure out how large you want your wreath to be. I wanted mine to be 44″ in circumference. Using a tape measure, mark your wreath where you need to cut.

measure length of foam noodle

Cut your noodle to size using a serrated knife.

cut pool noodle with serrated knife

Place the two ends of the noodle together and secure using packing tape or Duck tape to create a circle shape. I chose clear packing tape because I was using white fabric. I didn’t want anything to show through on the finished wreath.

Pool noodle wreath form


Create a fabric wrapped wreath

Next, using the foam wreath base, cover the entire wreath with strips of fabric. I found this alphabet fabric at Jo Ann’s. I cut the fabric into strips that were about 4 inches wide.

Supplies to make fabric wrapped wreath Cut fabric into strips

Begin wrapping the fabric around the wreath. Secure the fabric with hot glue as you go. Start and end the fabric pieces on the back side of the wreath.

Use hot glue to secure fabric to wreath form

Now it was time to decorate the wreath. I started by creating felt and fabric flowers. I will share a tutorial for how to make these next week! I adhered them to the right side of the wreath with hot glue.

Felt flowerApple Chalkboard

Supplies needed: (contains affiliate links)

I created a little chalkboard apple to be able to write the kid’s grades on. I started with a small blank apple shape from Jo Ann’s. These little blanks are less than $1. 

Supplies to make chalkboard apple

I started by painting the apple red and the leaf green. Allow to dry.

Paint wooden apple red and green

I cut a circle shape out of contact paper I had on hand. I used a small glass to trace the circle shape. Attach the contact paper to the apple and paint on the chalkboard paint. Allow to dry and add a second coat. You can add a third coat if needed for coverage. (Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your paint.) Peel off the contact paper.

Paint chalkboard circle onto apple

I used a white paint pen to outline the circle.

Use paint pen to outline chalkboard

I created a little banner with baker’s twine and a crayon border I found at Dollar Tree. I cut the crayon pieces apart and hot glued them to the twine. I attached them to the wreath with pearlized pins. 

Crayon border from Dollar Tree

Cut crayon pieces apart

Hot glue crayon pieces to twine

I created little bundles with some crayons and pencils. I attached them together with hot glue and tied a ribbon around each one. I hot glued them to the wreath. I also added some scissors. To finish the wreath, I tied a large red ribbon to the top to be able to hang it.

Back to School Wreath with felt and fabric flowers Back to School Wreath - Laura's Crafty Life Back to School Wreath

My kids go back to school in August, so this is the wreath I put up between summer and fall. Do you decorate for back to school?

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