Peeling hard boiled eggs can be a frustrating job. Sometimes they peel great and the job seems almost effortless. And other times, chunks of the egg white come off each time you grab the shell and you end up with ugly eggs and a big mess. Several years ago, I found a foolproof way to hard boil my eggs. But then we got our own chickens. The method to cook them still worked great, by trying to peel fresh eggs was no easy feat. Today, I am going to show you two methods to easy peel farm fresh eggs.

How to easy peel farm fresh eggs - tips and tricks for getting hard boiled eggs to peel easily

Easy Peel Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

Cold Water Method

The first method works much like the way I have always hard boiled my eggs with one little addition. I start by putting my eggs in a pot and filling it with water – about an inch above the top of the eggs.

Start with eggs in cold water

I add in 2 teaspoons to one tablespoon of baking soda depending on how many eggs and I am cooking and what size pot I am using. In this smaller pot, I use two teaspoons.

Use baking soda to help peel eggs

Bring the water to a boil. Then, place a lid on the eggs, turn the heat off and leave them for 15 minutes.

Transfer the eggs to a cold water bath to stop the cooking. Let them sit for about 5 minutes and they should be cooled enough to easily peel.

Ice water bath to cool down eggs

Helpful tip: Peel the eggs under a very slow running cold water faucet. It helps them to peel off a little easier.

How to hard boil an egg

Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

Boiling Water Method

The above method works most of the time. However, if I want a foolproof method, this alternate way of cooking them works even better. Start by filling the pot with water and adding in 2 teaspoons baking soda.

Baking soda in the water helps to make eggs easier to peel

Bring the water to a boil. When you have a rolling boil, gently lower your eggs into the water. Lower the water to a simmer.

Carefully add eggs to boiling water

Allow them to cook for 13 minutes. Transfer them to the ice water bath and leave them in there for 5 minutes to cool.

Use an ice water bath to stop cooking eggs

Roll the egg on the counter and the peels should come off easily.

Easily peel farm fresh eggs

Hard boiled fresh eggs

Which Method Should I Use

So why the two methods? Well, basically, when testing out different methods for hard boiling really fresh eggs I found out several things. The cold water method usually works really well, but sometimes I have fresh eggs that simply won’t peel as well. I am not sure why, but they do. The downfall of the boiling water method, is I tend to have a lot more eggs that crack when placed in the water.

If I need hard boiled eggs for a final presentation that is pretty – like deviled eggs, I always use the cold water method. Cracked eggs that have leaked out don’t make for very nice deviled eggs.

If I need hard boiled eggs for pretty much anything else – like egg salad or potato salad or any recipe where they will be chopped up, I use the second method. If an egg has cracked it doesn’t really matter to me. And the boiling water method actually makes them a little bit easier to peel than the cold water one.

Another helpful tip? Always use your oldest eggs if you can.

How to easily peel fresh hard boiled eggs

What are your easy peel hard boiled egg tips?

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