Are your kids as crazy about Frozen as mine is? Everything is Frozen over here. So, naturally my daughter requested a Frozen themed birthday party for her 5th birthday. All parties start with a fun invitation. Often, I create a digital invitation that I have printed at my local photo retailer. But for this party, I had the perfect idea for creating a pretty dress shaped invitation to look a little like Elsa’s gown. 

Disney Frozen Birthday Invitation by Laura's Crafty Life

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I started by creating a design on Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space Frozen Invite

See the cut file: Disney Frozen Birthday Invitation.

Note: After personalizing your text, you will need to click on select all at the top, then select “attach” in the layers palette for the design to print and cut correctly. The font I used is called Goudy Trajan Regular.

I have been wanting to try out the pens on a project for a while now. I was worried the font would be hard to read since it was going to be pretty small, but the Cricut wrote it all perfectly with my blueberry Cricut pen.

Use Blueberry Cricut pen to write invitation details

I created a dress shape that would open to reveal the birthday party details inside.

Inside of Disney Frozen birthday invitation

After the Cricut Explore printed the birthday information and cut out the dresses, I added a little skirt to each one.

I roughly measured how much tulle to use, using the width of the roll and cutting it just a tiny bit longer than the length of the skirt. I purchased my glitter tulle in a small roll at Walmart.

Sew on ruffle to Frozen party invitation

I used my sewing machine to gather the tulle at the top. To gather, use the longest straight stitch you have. Do not backstitch at the beginning or end. While holding the threads on one end, gently pull one of the threads (either the top thread or the bobbin thread, not both) from the opposite end until your tulle is gathered. 

Sew the gathered “skirt” onto the front of the invitation. 

The Disney Frozen birthday invitations turned out even better than I originally imagined. They perfectly set the tone for the rest of our Frozen birthday party!

Disney Frozen Birthday Invitation made with the Cricut Explore

Princess dress (Frozen) birthday invitations by Laura's Crafty Life

Disney Frozen Invitation by Laura's Crafty Life

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15 comments on “Disney Frozen Birthday Invitation”

  1. That is the cutest invitation I have ever seen, oh my goodness! And not only is it shaped like a dress, but it’s got tulle on it! Your party is already fabulous, just from that bit! xD

  2. Did you open a new text box for each section of writting in your invitations. ..or just one big text box and just put line spaces?! How did u line all the text up in the dress so it printed down the center evenly?! Thanks

    • I did one text box for the entire invitation wording. To add text to your design, click the ‘add text’ button on the left side. This will open up a text box. You will type all your wording. Simply click enter to start a new line. To center the text, you want to click ‘edit’ on the right side. It will bring up options to change the font type, size and how you want the text aligned. You simply click the box for ‘align center’. This will center all your text in your text box. Once you have the text aligned you can drag the text box over your dress outline. Then you will click ‘select all’ at the top. Under the layers tab click ‘attach’. This will keep both designs together and will print the text exactly where you need it to on the dress. Hope that helps!

    • To use Design Space you have to have a Cricut Explore. You can use pens with your Cricut Expression. You may be able to recreate something similar in Cricut Craft Room for the Expression.

  3. Hello Laura,
    I absolutely love this invitation. Can you tell me how big they are after completion? Any chance you can tell me what measurements you used in design space? I have the imagine and just upgraded to the Cricut One and it’s hard to figure out size on my new machine.

    thank you so much

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