Butterfly Collage

Almost a year ago, I stumbled across this beautiful butterfly wall collage over at The Idea Room. I knew I wanted to make one for Olivia’s room the moment I saw it. Then, life happened and this project got pushed to the back burner. I did end up making a version of it about a month ago, but wasn’t really pleased with how it turned out. I tried a different pattern of lining up the butterflies and it just wasn’t quite right. Finally, over the weekend, I got it done! I am so excited to share this project with you.

First, I started with this hideous piece of artwork I found at Goodwill. (Sorry if you are out there and this was yours!) I bought this beauty only for the frame. I knew I didn’t want a gold frame, but spray paint fixes everything.

The funniest part, was when I took the frame apart and got the picture out, there were like three matted pictures all glued together under there! What a mess. But it came out really easily and I moved onto spray painting the frame. I used Krylon’s Flat White paint.

Now that the frame was all painted and pretty, I could move onto the fun part – the butterflies!

I took a piece of foam core board I got at the Dollar Tree and cut it down to size. For my frame, this meant 16″ x 20″.

Olivia decided to express her artistic side on the foam board before
I got to my project. No biggie because this is the back!

Next, I marked off where I wanted my butterflies to be. I spaced them out every two inches across and two inches down. Then, I got to punching! I used a Martha Stewart Crafts Punch, Glassene Butterfly (affiliate link).

Since I scrapbook and I am a hoarder, I had plenty of scraps to choose from for this project. I only used colors that are in her bedding, which pretty much left it wide open for any color other than purple, black or brown!

After punching out all those butterflies, I folded them in half to make them look like they were coming off the page and glued them on using Aleen’e Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4oz (affiliate link). It actually only took a few minutes to dry since I was using so little glue. But I wanted a little bit of wiggle room to get the placement right. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with a glue gun.

I used my staple gun to secure the foam board to the frame, so it wouldn’t fall out. I added some picture hanging hardware to the back as well.

I am so pleased with how this wall collage turned out. It is perfect in her room with the fabric I used to make her bedding. You can see the bed skirt I made for her room that shows the different colors. Her room is a bright orange color, which is just so fun!

This is definitely one of those projects that makes me happy. I keep going into her room to admire how cute it is.

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  1. This turned out great, I bet Olivia loves it. It’s a wonderful spring project, I think I need a wall full of flutterbies myself.

  2. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – you were featured today!
    Mandy, http://www.SugarBeeCrafts.com

  3. I love this!!! It’s so colorful and pretty!!! I’d love for you to come link it up at the project party weekend: http://bubblynaturecreations.com/2012/03/500-followers-giveaway-and-project-party-weekend.html
    Hope to see you there! xoxo- Rachel

  4. This is so cute!

  5. this looks beautiful i did something simular with map pages, i would love for you to come and link it up at http://twiggstudios.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/sunday-show-off-party-6-come-and-link.html

    thankyou so much enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  6. So pretty. My daughter would love this in her room!

  7. This is so pretty! I love how colorful it is!

    Thanks for commenting at my blog earlier. Have a good one!

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