Lego Batman Party

My son turned 5 last month and I had been busy planning his Lego Batman party for some time. Now, I can finally show you how it all came together! It was so much fun. I really enjoyed doing this one, even though it was difficult. There is almost zero Lego Batman stuff out there. Even regular Batman stuff is hard to come by. But this worked out well for me, since I got to put my creative talents to good use.

Lego Batman Party

The Decorations

I made some super hero action words to decorate behind the food table and also, for the cardboard buildings we used for a photo booth type display. I lucked out since his party was in October, and there were Halloween decorations in all the stores. I purchased some foam bats and Martha Stewart bat garland from Jo Anns as well.

To make it easy on myself and not have to create a really elaborate cake, I made some really easy Batman Cupcake Liners to decorate the cupcakes with.

I also cut out and glued a bat symbol on to some plastic yellow cups. It was a fun little touch to the drink area.

bat cup

You can’t get a really great view of them in the pictures, but I used these Lego heads made from baby food jars around the table.

lego batman jars

I matched up each jar “head” with the food labels I came up with. These labels were all based on the foods I was planning on making.

  • Poison Ivy Produce {Veggie Tray with dip}
  • An apple a day keeps the Penguin away {apple slices with caramel – this one was a really far stretch, but I couldn’t come up with anything else that would go with the Penguin}
  • Two Face relies on his coin to decide – So what will it be, chips or no chips? {tortilla chips and sour cream and onion chips}
  • Bat Cakes {cupcakes}
  • Cat Woman Claws {Chocolate covered pretzels}
  • Joker Juice {Punch}
  • Mr. Freeze Cream {ice cream, pre-frozen in cupcake liners – found the idea on Pinterest!}
  • Riddle Me this – Guacamole or Bean Dip with your chips? {near the guacamole and bean dip}

The Games

No. 1: Mr. Freeze Game

I used a Batman action figure, placed him in a 9 x 13 baking sheet, filled it with water and froze it. The kids had to unfreeze Batman with squirt guns. This game kept the kids occupied for at least 30 minutes. Since it was just a big hit – this may have to be a new staple for our party games, just adapted to a new theme. I found the idea for this at Green Jello.

No. 2: Manbat Bean Bag Toss

I sewed some super hero bean bags to use in this game. Then, I drew Manbat onto a piece of poster board, colored him in and attached him to a card board box behind the hole to hold him up.

No. 3: Pin the Bat Symbol on Batman

I purchased this game from Party City. It is your typical ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ game but with a Batman style twist.

No. 4: Super Hero Photo Booth

I had this one all ready to go, but didn’t end up getting great pictures because we waited until the end of the party to try to take them. I recommend if you try to take staged photos you do it at the beginning when each guest arrives, especially if you are dealing with smaller kids.

I hung a piece of blue fabric that looked like the sky on our fence. I created some skyline buildings using black and white poster board and some more of the action signs.

No. 5: Pinata

My daughter had to be like the big kids and have the blindfold on! It was so funny!

The Treat Bags

Each child got a super hero cape, bat mask, glow bracelet, bat ring and a 3D Lego sticker. The capes I sewed myself and I also made the bat masks.

assembled treat bags treat bag contents

I had to use so much tape to hang the sign because it ended up being so windy the day of the party.

The party ended up being so much fun. I think everyone had a good time.

Can you tell he was excited about his present? :)

The Invitations

Lego Batman Invitations

If you are throwing a Lego Batman party, you can find more ideas that I didn’t end up using here on my Lego Batman Party Pinterest board.

Whew! I am glad birthdays are only once a year! :)

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  1. love the lego heads from jars! fun party!

  2. That is an incredibly awesome and creative party. You went allllll out! Really impressive!

  3. Aww…I love it. My little guy turned 6 this past week and would have loved this theme…he’s so into legos and he got the same Lego Ninjago present as I see in the pics~ :)

  4. The lego baby food jars are awesome. That party looks like a lot of fun. You did a great job with the Batman theme. I am a new follower from Sugar Bee Crafts. Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. Would love for you to link this up at my turquoise lovin’ party!!

  6. I just pinned this as an idea for my twins’ 9th bday party. LEGO parties are so fun and easy. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. You have some really great ideas here. My son LOVES batman. We will be using some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just found your blog. Thanks for these great ideas! My middle son turns 5 in a few days and I’m looking for last minute ideas. Thanks!

  9. Kevin Payne says:

    for the freeze game, did you use warm water in the squirt guns? I didn’t know if it mattered or not. Thanks.

    • We just used water straight from the hose. It was not warm. I think if you wanted to speed up the process, you could certainly use warm water. It was nice that it kept the kids occupied for a while so I would probably recommend cold water! :)

  10. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I love the pic of him opening his Ninjago set. New obsession!! ; ) That was the order for my son. Cars, Batman, Lego Batman, NINJAGO! lol

  11. Alanna Salcido says:

    My son is turning 6 and when asked chose to have a Lego Batman party over Disneyland!!! These ideas are great, thank you so much!

    • Great! I am so glad you are getting some for his party. My son had so much fun at this party. Luckily there is a little more pre-made items available for the Lego Batman theme now, but it is still fun to create party decorations! xo, Laura

  12. Thank you Laura !!! You are a life saver!


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