Free Baby Shower Printables

For the Enchanted Forest baby shower I am throwing for my friend, I created some printables for games we will play.

1) Baby Shower Bingo

Hand out a bingo card to each guest before the guest of honor starts to open presents. Have each guest write down one gift per square that they think the mommy to be will receive. As the mommy to be opens her presents, have the guests mark off that present on their card. The first person to get a BINGO wins a prize!

Baby Shower Bingo

Download Baby Shower Bingo

2) Guess the Baby Animal Game

Each guest receives a sheet of paper with 20 different adult animal names listed on it. Give the guests several minutes to write down the name of the corresponding animal baby on their sheet. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Download Guess the Baby Animal Name Game

Download Baby Animal Game Answers

3) The Price Is Right

I purchased baby shampoo, baby wash, baby wipes, Desitin, package of Linkadoos, nail clippers, newborn diapers and baby washcloths. Show each item to the guests and have them guess the price of each item. (I also informed them I purchased all of the items at Walmart.) The guest who was able to come closest to the correct total will get a prize. After the game, all of the items go to the mommy to be.

Here is what the sheet looks like for my game:

The price is right baby shower game filled in

Here is a blank one you can print and fill out yourself:

The Price is Right Baby Shower game

Download The Price Is Right Game

Click on the links below to download and print these baby shower games. (For personal use only. Please link back to this blog post to share.)


Baby Shower Bingo | Guess the Baby Animal Name Game | Baby Animal Name Game Answers | The Price Is Right 


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